Tips for Using the Phone to Close Bookings and Boost Sales

The great thing about owning a direct sales business is that there can always be an inflow of cash. Moving your product is the easiest way to get money flowing into your hands. If you are short on cash, you can easily have a quick sale on product or have a flash booking contest to book parties and get your calendar loaded up. Product sales are very important in your business and using your product to turn a profit and earn some money can be easy when you simply know how to reach people and speak to them by phone.
I know a lot of reps that are afraid to use the phone to boost their sales or to book a party. I think they feel like they are bothering the person. I believe that knowing how to leave a message and how you actually use the phone as a tool makes the difference in whether you are bothering someone or not.

Can you think back and remember how many times have you left message after message for a potential hostess or customer in hopes that they will call you back? Think about how you sound when you leave that message. Are you frustrated or exasperated because you have left 2 or 3 messages prior? Are you short or curt? Or are you smiling yet leave every single detail for them in a long winded message? If you answered yes to any of these, we need to talk.

First of all, if you are leaving all of the information on the voice mail about what you want to talk to them about, then they have all the knowledge that they need to decide that a). it is not important or pressing right now and you can wait or b). they do not need or want the product/party, etc. By dumping a load of information on to them, it can be rather stressful. You do not know when they are listening to the message or even if they are getting the message at all.

So what is a better method of speaking directly to someone? Ignore the voice mail! It is so easy to just keep talking and rambling when the voice mail picks up, especially if you are nervous about leaving a message in the first place. You know that the best way to make a product sale or close a booking, you have to speak to the client personally. If your customer hears a rambling message left by a stressed out person desperately trying to make a sale or book a party, can you honestly say you would call back? Probably Not!

Continue to call them until you speak to someone. Find out when the best time would be to reach that person and make a note to call then. Before your call, take a moment to write down what you want to say. Then practice your sales pitch and closing so that they are natural sounding, not choppy and you feel comfortable saying what you want to convey to them.

If you simply cannot reach them by phone, regular mail and email can work too. The Booster has many postcards and mailers available that you can use to drop your message in the mail with cute sayings in a professional manner. Make sure you include your phone number and when you can be reached. Then answer your phone! Do not allow it to go to voice mail, if at all possible. Having to call your customer back would start the same sequence over and over.

Take the time to step up your phone usage in your direct sales business. Making money is why we are in this business so using your phone is an important tool that you can use, if done properly. Take the time to speak directly to your client for the best results in booking that party and boosting your sales.

4 thoughts on “Tips for Using the Phone to Close Bookings and Boost Sales

  1. Another great post! So often we turn the phone into a 500 pound obstacle, instead of a helpful communication tool!

    One way I’ve found helpful is to do a little pre-work. Assuming the phone calls referenced above are to potential hostesses you’ve already met – you can set up your next call at the time of the last appointment. For example, when meeting this potential hostess at another gathering, you can say something like, “Suzy – I’m so glad you came tonight! It’s my sincere goal to always give each of my clients excellent service. One way I do that is to contact each one periodically to keep them up-to-date on the latest promotions. May I have your permission to contact you in the future? Would you prefer I call on your home, cell, or work number? Which time is best? Awesome – it’s so important to me that you remain “in the know”.

    Now – the pressure of “am I bothering her” is off – she’s expecting your call! 😉


  2. Thanks for the comment, Lisa. We Absolutely make it a bit difficult for us, don’t we. Great tip to add is the pre work approval when speaking to your customer. It takes it from a Cold Call to a Warm Call and makes it easier to relax and get your message across!

  3. I have moved to email but because of all the spam it is almost impossible to close without talking to the potential client on the phone. Totally agree

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