Tips for Blending Social Media and One on One Customer Service in Direct Sales

More and more, faster and faster, our society is becoming dependent on online social sites like Facebook and the like for finding new customers and even recruits. I enjoy social media, but thankfully I am not addicted to it. While it is a viable method for finding customers, I cannot help to think about how many people I know personally that are not online. I also cannot help but think of how many potential customers many direct sales consultants are missing if most of their service and recruiting is done online. To me, nothing beats one on one customer service in a direct sales business.

With that said, finding a nice blend of online and offline customer service can work. Here are some tips for you to think about and use for developing your business.

1) The meaning of direct sales is just that – directly selling to a customer. Face to face still rules. A customer is still the most comfortable when actually meeting you and getting to know you and your business ethics. By selling strictly online, you are closing yourself off to a huge chunk of business.

2) Add offline local activities for your business and share them with your local customers and in your social media postings. Activities like parties, networking events, mom groups, open houses, craft shows, and chamber meetings will all improve your exposure in both areas.

3) Include your web address and social media links on your advertising where it is appropriate. That way your local customers can choose to follow you if they choose.

4) Collect home mailing addresses from all of your customers so that you can continue to stay in contact with them from time to time with hand written notes, custom flyers, tips on product uses and sales promotions.

5) Use email sign up forms and stay in touch with your client via newsletters. You always want to build your list, for local contacts and online. Your money is in the list! Offer a sign up on your website and at every venue you attend locally. Invite customers to join it when you speak to them directly.

I am sure you can think of plenty of other ways to blend your social media with your one on one service in your direct sales business. It only makes good sense to keep the doors open for sales and service in both arenas.

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