4 Tips to Build Your Online List To Offline Customers

Building an email newsletter subscriber list is a great way for you to keep in touch with your customers without having to spend a lot of time on communication, if compared to telephone calls and one on one contact. If you ask any marketer, they will tell you your list is the most important item to have in your marketing and sales toolbox. Plus there are many ways you can build your list with your offline customers that are low cost or free and they don’t take a lot of time to accomplish.
Here are 4 great ways you can add to your mailing list this while working your direct sales business offline.

1. At the Home Party: During your home party demonstration, make sure you spend a few minutes talking to your party guests about your email newsletter. Let them know how they can sign up and how being a subscriber will benefit them. Make sure they know that they can opt out at any time!

2. Business Cards: If you are serious about building a subscriber list consider purchasing business cards that have all of your email newsletter information printed on them. You will want to hand out these business cards to everyone you come into contact with and make sure you include one in each customer’s bag when packaging up their orders.

3. Flyers: Sit down and write a few paragraphs about your newsletter and print out several copies. This flyer or mini flyer should include your sign up information and some newsletter content information along with all of the perks for being a subscriber. Hand these flyers out to people at your home parties and at your offline networking events. If you want to skip the business cards, print out a lot of flyers and toss them in customer’s bags.

4. Offline Product Giveaway/Raffle: Write up and print out 50 or more giveaway/contest entry forms and hand them out to people you come into contact with. Let these people know that if they sign up for your email newsletter they will earn a chance in your giveaway drawing to win XYZ product. When you do a giveaway or raffle, it doesn’t have to be an expensive product that you are giving away.

As you can see, there are many free and low-cost ways you can build your email newsletter subscriber list while marketing it to your offline customers. These four ideas will help you get the ball started on building that list and they don’t take a lot of time to implement. Publishing an email newsletter is a great way for you to stay in contact with your customers which in turn gets you repeat sales and business.

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