Qualifying Your Leads and Tips on Recruiting

As a new direct sales consultant, thoughts of recruiting may be entering your head. After all, you did join the company to make money and own your own business. For newer consultants that may not have as much experience in the direct sales business, starting to recruit can be a bit nerve racking. How do you even start to talk to someone or what if they are not interested? Learning to qualify your leads and even how to balance your recruiting with the rest of your business can be in question.

Here are a few tips you can use to get you started down the path of recruiting.

Some people will talk to anyone and everyone about their business. While it is a great idea during a party to make sure people know they can join the business and to include a recruiting flyer in each brochure, actually speaking one on one to someone about the business is a bit different.

One thing that you do not want to do is spout your recruiting pitch to anyone that will listen. That is an immediate turn off. One simple way to qualify someone as to whether they are open to hearing about the business is to ask them, during a business conversation, if they are interested in hearing more about the business. You can do that by asking if they could use an extra $100 a week or if they are looking for part time income to supplement their job. Maybe someone needs a tax write off or is looking to fill some time with something to do. You can work in a question along those lines so that it is not threatening and you are not giving them a brain dump on everything you know about your company. There is no greater turn off that that!

If they ask about the business, then you know you have someone that is truly interested and that is the perfect time to make an appointment with them to share more. Allow them to ask the questions and guide the conversation. If they are ready to join, you will not have to do a hard sell on them. They will sell themselves! That is the ultimate method of recruiting

In order to build a nice size team, you need to be talking to people on a daily basis about your business. Soon you will become comfortable with adding in a few qualifying sentences in your business dealings just to see if someone is interested. If they are ready to hear more, you will know it.

Keeping your recruiting pitches casual and comfortable will insure that your conversations with others will continue on a regular basis. If someone knows that you will give them the hard sell about joining the business every time they see you, soon you will not be seeing them!

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  1. Chris –

    Exactly! The hard sell is such a turn off! I love when you talk about qualifying potential recruits you don’t mention money – but interest! So true!!!

    As a time strategy visionary working with motivated professionals – I preach – consistency is key. In the case of recruiting, this is also true. As you stated, to jump your business to the next level you must talk with qualified recruiting prospects each day!

    Awesome post!


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