Tapping Your Business into the Gift Giving Season

I found this old article that I wrote 7 years ago but it is still important for your business today!

The Holidays are right around the corner and getting your business into high gear now will determine the success and increased income level you will have for the holiday season. Holidays can bring direct sellers up to 50% of their overall sales for the year. So what is it that You can do to set yourself apart from your competition and really make a difference?

One of the first things I recommend is to plan an Open House at your own home early in the season. October or early November is a great time for this. A lot of people start shopping early and you want your business to be on their minds and on their shopping list! Plan a simple event that showcases the products for the holidays. Invite everyone you have ever had contact with in your business. Put out big signs and invite the neighbors. Do not be shy! Make your tables pretty and festive and offer complimentary gift wrap and shipping if needed.

If your company has several different catalogs for the holidays, make sure you have them all available so you can accept pre-orders on products coming up in the next month or so. Have enough on hand so your guests may take them as needed. You don’t want to skimp on books at this point in the season! Make sure you know when the last date to order is for your holiday season. You do not want to disappoint anyone by missing a deadline.

Another great thing to get started with now is to offer a Wish List for your customers. Have them shop your catalog and list all of the things that they would love to have. It then makes it easy for darling hubby or the kids to shop for them. Offer to mail the list to hubby or your customer can leave it lying around with your business card attached. Again, offer free gift wrapping here!

Creative mailings to your past customers and hostesses can really give your business an increase in sales. Choose some gifts or items to highlight on a flyer. Make up some pre packaged baskets of varying price levels and add a photo on your flyer and mail them out. Make sure they are receiving a good deal with the savings showing and an easy way to shop. Also make a list of who you sent them to and Call them after the mailing! Follow through is a must!

The holidays are often a time when booking a party can get a bit chaotic. Offer alternative methods to an actual in home party. Online parties or book parties are a great alternative. How about a lunchtime office party for the ladies who work long hours? If they cannot come to you, you can go to them! Another option is private showings in someone’s home. This is a great preview for someone willing to do a book party. She can speak for you while selling the product to friends.

Carrying a few items at home for the last minute shopper is also a great idea. Make sure your customers know that you have a few items available. I don’t know how many times I have done a quick basket for someone with items I had in stock. If you can afford it, do it. But make sure they are not dated items that will expire or not be fresh. You do not want to offer old product.

Using several or all of these ideas will definitely put you a step ahead of your competition this holiday season. Start advertising the holidays early and frequently and you will see an increase in sales, customers and money in the bank! There is nothing like having your business pay for your holiday shopping! Enjoy!

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