Tips for Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday selling season is the biggest time for sales for most retailers and small businesses that sell giftable products. For those in the direct sales arena, it is a huge opportunity for you to be making big money! If you have not got your head in the game yet, what is holding you back? Get out there and sell!

We all have our normal sales that we tend to do on a regular basis. 3-4 parties a month XX amount of dollars in reorders. It is usually pretty stable for most people. Until the holidays come around! This is when you should be doing everything you can to increase your sales to new and current customers.
chritstmas gift on a tree
Here are some quick tips for increasing your sales this holiday season

* Have plenty of catalogs and business cards and hand them out to everyone! Get a call back number to call for the order.

* Call old customers you have not heard from in a while. Pitch them a special promotion for booking a show or buying product.

* Add on sales! Make sure you are asking everyone that is placing an order for an add on product. By adding on just 1 simple item that is related to their purchase can really increase your income.

* Do special bookings like basket parties, office parties, trunk shows, and any other creative ways your hostess can sell product for you.

* Offer baskets all ready to go. Guys hate to shop and these are perfect to target men. Offer several different price points and have them wrapped and ready.

* Do special offers on social media. If you have big followers on your Facebook or twitter sites, offer a special deal just for them.

* Hold online event parties on Facebook

* Set up at vendor shows and bring product to sell.

These are just a few that you can add to your sales offerings that will increase your sales. Be ready to sell at any given point and keep up the momentum through the holiday!

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