Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Direct Sales

Thanksgiving is the start to the biggest time of year for any one in direct sales. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming right after the holiday, it is important that you are getting out the word about your business. The time to start that is right now!
The week of Thanksgiving is an important week in direct sales. People are planning their shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and there is no reason that you cannot be a part of their shopping plans. One of the first things you want to do is plan a promotion that will encourage sales, maybe something special for Cyber Monday. Make it simple, easy to manage and easy for your customer to take advantage of it.

Create a flyer and start emailing it and snail mailing it out now to your customers. Make sure to include any pertinent links such as your website information and how to order. Hand it out along with a brochure to everyone you know. Take it with you to Thanksgiving dinner and share it with family and friends. Ask friends and family to take it to work and share with others too.

Don’t stop after Cyber Monday. Keep the push on until the very end! You want to maximize your sales during this holiday season. Plus if people choose not to purchase and you are in a party plan, you should be booking your January dates now too. After the holidays is a great time to party.

This is not the time to be shy and wonder if you are intruding. Your job is to sell products that people are looking for to fill a need. Sell the benefits of the products at a great price and you will be rocking in the sales during this holiday season!

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