How to Use a Newsletter in Your Direct Sales Business

If you have been in direct sales very long, chances are you may have heard the saying “the money is in the list”. Having a list in any business and especially a work at home business, is something that you should consider instituting if you do not have one yet. If you have never had a newsletter in your business yet, here are some tips on the proper way to use and grow your newsletter list for the best results.

1) Set up your list by using a reputable service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. They are affordable and even free for growing lists.

2) Offer everyone the opportunity to join your email list. Every party you do and every show you set up at, have a sign up list for them. Every customer that you have should be asked it they want to be added to your list.

3) Never add someone to your list without their permission. If someone emails you for information, this does not give you the right to add them to your list. They have to request it and should double opt in – meaning click on an approval link in their email so they approve your emails.

4) offer them something of value for signing up. On your blog, you can offer a free report or tips sheet regarding your products as a thank you.

5) Don’t overwhelm your readers with too many emails. Once a week is plenty and most people expect them 1-2 times a month.

6) Offer tips, tricks, and product information for your readers. Do not make your newsletter only about “buy from me”. You need to offer value or your readers will be unsubscribing quickly.

By offering a value to your “list”, your customers will be reminded of you each time you send an email. This encourages additional sales and development of your business. Plus your list will go with you anywhere you go! Move to a new company or add something new, your list will be the first to know.

If you haven’t started a newsletter for your direct sales business, now is the perfect time.

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