5 Ways to Increase Your Sales from Existing Customers

Every business is looking for more sales. Regardless if you’re selling make up, candles, home decor, or wine, sales lifeblood of our business. Looking for new ways to improve our sales is something we all need to do every day.

If you take a look at how much it costs you to actually get a new customer you would be amazed. Between the marketing efforts, the time it costs you, travel time, parties, gifts, catalogs mailers flyers etc., it’s scary to think how much it really is per paying customer.

So, with that said, the best way to really increase your sales is through existing customers. If you think about it, they’re already a fan of yours, interested in your products, and are willing to support you and your business. It should be easy to get them on board with additional sales.

Here are some tips about how to increase your sales from existing customers.

5 Ways to Increase Your Sales from Existing Customers

How to Increase Your Sales from Existing Customers

1. Definitely start a mailing list

Every party you attend, every networking event, every sales or outside show you do, ask for people’s emails in some manner. Get a professional mail service, like MailChimp, where you can have up to 2000 people on your list for free. That way you are in compliance with email sales and marketing and your customer can unsub at anytime.

2. Use that list to be in contact with your customers on a regular basis

Whether it’s twice a month or monthly, be consistent and share tips, information, sales information, new product promo’s, etc. If you remember, out of sight, out of mind, and you’ll understand why email marketing can work for additional sales.

3. Offer current customer only sales or promotions

Offer them something special to reward them for being your customer. I used to use a punchcard and reward my customers for purchases made with a 20% discount off of an order once they reached X dollars or x purchases. It is easy and the customer can see their progression.

4. Reward them for referring business to you

If you offer exceptional business your customers will talk to others about what you do. Make sure to reward them in some manner for that trust. Whether it’s products, discounts, or whatever you want to do, let them know they are appreciated.

5. Share the love by helping to promote your customers businesses too

Get to know your customer! If they’re in a small business or you can help increase their business somehow, return the favor. If you do something for them, they may do something for you. And vice versa. Always be graceful and offer referrals when you can.

These five methods are solid tools that you can use to help increase your business through those you already serve. Always remember the cost of getting a new customer so that you realize how valuable your current customers are today. Make sure to treat them well and they will treat you well.

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