Do Games and Giveaways Build Your Direct Sales Business?

Sometimes I really have to wonder when I look at my expense line if games and giveaways are bringing an increase to my direct sales business. Well, the answer to this question can be yes or no. So lets take a look at how games and giveaways can benefit your business or how they can hurt your business.

The types of games we’re talking about here are the ones you play at your shows. For example, some consultants play games or offer giveaways at their shows for the person who drove the farthest, brought the most friends, is the oldest, youngest, married the longest, has the most kids, etc.

While those games are fun, do they really benefit your business? Do they increase sales or entice people to host a show or even more importantly, do they really encourage potential new recruits to join the business? Maybe – Maybe not.

Getting to the right answer is going to depend on your company; what product you’re selling and how you go about the games. For instance, if you sell skin care products, then giving product away to the person who is the oldest or someone who loves cosmetics may be a great way to gain a new customer. Choose gifts that are appropriate and something they will actually use; new colors for the season, Skin Care Products, cleansers, etc. are all great items.

Look for items that are different than what everyone else gets. If you do multiple parties a week, always try and have something a bit different at each. Some people like the idea of getting something that is rare and unique; something that everyone else doesn’t have. The idea is to think through what you’re giving away. Don’t give away something just to get rid of it!

Also, if you choose to give away a gift to the person who brings the most friends, make sure your hostess informs their friends of this before hand and it is on the invitations too. This is a great way to get more people to a show. Also, make the gift worthwhile. You want the guest to really want it so they will truly work for it.

Some companies encourage their consultants to give gifts to people as an enticement to get them to listen to the business opportunity. While this can be a good idea, it can also be a bad idea. Again, think through who you are trying to recruit. You are looking to recruit people who really love the product; those who are interested in making more money or those who are looking to start a new career and who are motivated and excited. In other words, don’t give your business away in gifts to just anyone who is simply looking for free product only.

Be choosy about who you’re giving your product to and what you’re giving away. Games and giveaways can help your business when they are well thought out, targeted to a specific audience and used appropriately. Keep in mind; freebies can hurt your business if you’re just giving away for the sake of having something to give.

Use Article Marketing for Solid Business Growth

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When it comes to learning how to market yourself on the internet, things seem to come and go. First it was link farms, then it was forums. Article writing as a marketing method has been a round a long time and it is one that never seems to go away. In fact article marketing is one of the strongest methods of promoting yourself and your business on the internet.

The fact that it is a simple method of self advertising is one thing. But is also draws those that are interested in your articles to your website and introduces them to you and your business. The more you write and place articles out for distribution on article directories, the more exposure you are potentially going to get.

When someone picks up your article from a directory, uses of your article can be for print in newsletters, publications, on other websites and blogs as content and more. All of those articles contain your link to you and your business. This allows more exposure where you would not have been seen before.

Using article marketing in your direct sales and work at home business is a great tool for you too. People want to know how to use the product you sell. They want to learn more about the things that you know. Start slowly and develop your craft. You may find that you enjoy it and I know you will enjoy more dedicated traffic to your website or blog.

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4 Things to Think About Before Joining a Direct Sales Business

With the economy such as it is, many families are looking to home based direct sales business to supplement or replace an income. If you are looking for a direct sales or home based business, there are a few important things you need to consider before choosing a company to work with. You want to make the right choice the first time, so take is slow and so some research.

Although it may seem like working at home is a dream come true, it is actually quite difficult for some. Blending in family, household and work can be a challenge. Here are some tips for you to decide if this is right for you.

1. Depending on your product line, you may have evening parties. Are you and your family flexible enough to handle this? You can double book and hold several on weekend days, but many weekday eves are party nights.

2. You will have to allow time for trainings and meetings with your manger and her team. This is especially important when you are first starting your business. You need a much support as you can get! Can you manage to include this in your schedule?

3. Part of your profits will be spent on supplies, so while you may be thinking you are making 40 or 50% in reality you will be making less. You need to manage your expenses and keep them low in order to make a good profit.

4. You are the CEO of your new business that will entail a lot of work on your part. This will include finding customers, hosting parties, selling product and advertising your business. If your business is local, it may also include deliveries and many more tasks. Make sure you have time enough to handle all of the work so you will soon get overwhelmed.

Does this sound like something you would enjoy and have time for? Study this list well and think of other things that will be involved once you decide on a business. Your manager can help you. Yes, a direct sales business is fun, but it is also something that you have to manage and incorporate into your family as well.