Getting to the Next Level in Your Direct Sales Business

There are a lot of direct sales and MLM reps that are selling product and doing great in their business on a weekly and monthly basis. You are growing your customer base and earning a decent amount of money on sales and maybe even some residual on your leadership. Getting that check each month is is great and it really helps pay some bills and maybe even take some vacations here and there. That is such a wonderful feeling!

But if you are someone looking to get to the next level of leadership and really grow your network, listen for a minute to what I have to say.

There are so many tools that you can use to get there. Blogging, Article and Content Marketing for sure. But the key is Recruiting the Right People and having the drive to see it through.

So, Who are the right people? Those that want to learn the system and process and can duplicate it!

Look at the leaders in network marketing and MLM’s today and look at what they have in common. Large teams and downlines. Look at the type of people they are recruiting. They give you the information and say duplicate it. Maybe they give you a script and say duplicate it.

If you can duplicate the information and start bringing in those that are able to duplicate the information, guess what? Your numbers will be growing substantially. The rest will come right along with it. Sales certainly. The articles and content marketing for your website and blogs will become a tool for the info they need for conversion.

Think about it and let me know how I can help you start moving towards the next level.

Grow Your Blog and Business with Guest Blogging

Doing business on the internet is an ever changing entity. It reminds me of large, wild being that with each breath grows and can over take you eventually. But with time and practice, you can learn how to control it, grow with it and even make it work for you.

That is probably not a very good analogy, but it resembles and reminds me of how fast doing business on the internet changes and that we must also change if we are going to stay ahead of the changes. We have to look for new ways to market to stay ahead of the beast!

Growing your blog and using it for your direct sales business is also an ever changing entity. By working steadily and consistently, marketing your business through your blog can really bring your business new clients and a new focus. But sharing it with only those you know is not going to get you the following you need. One great way to expand your audience, your reach and your business is through guest blogging.

Guest blogging means that you would write a post for another blog with similar interests and you could then cross market your business through your authors box that would be published along with your post. The blog owner would also market you article to her/his readers so that you are now receiving new readers and potentially new customers too. Guest blogging will also bring you valuable backlinks and traffic back to your own blog and website which are important to your position in the search engines.

Look for site owners with similar topics that you write about and send a note asking if they accept guest posts. Many times blog owners are looking for additional content and would welcome your post. It can be mutually beneficial to both of you.

So for great backlinks and traffic, an increase in readership and a new way of marketing your business, check out guest blogging today.

Using PLR Articles for Blogging

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Direct sales reps and work at home business owners often ask me how many posts a week is sufficient to keep their blog fresh and active on Google.

I think if you have been online long enough you have learned that Google is like a picky child. If they don’t get their way and you don’t play right, they take away some of your privileges…. in our world that correlates to traffic. You must keep your posts fresh and relevant to your blog topic.

How many is good enough? I usually recommend at least 2 posts per week minimum and 3 would be better. Now I know you are busy. I am too. But what can save the day when you just cannot come up with any more content that is interesting is PLR articles. I usually keep some on hand when the well ruins dry or I get too busy to post.

The great thing about PLR is that with just a quick re-write you have relevant content any time you need it. It doesn’t cost you a lot of money and your blog is fresh and gaining traffic, More traffic, more money. And these days, I am all about making money.

Next time you are stuck, check out some PLR sites and grab a pack or two. Make sure you customize it to your writing style and in a few minutes you are posting and growing your site. I think that is cool!

Do you use PLR and does it help you?

Copyright Chris Carroll 2011