Marketing Your Direct Sales Business Through Blogging

Marketing Your Direct Sales Business Through Blogging Online Marketing Signpost
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Becoming unique in an online community requires a lot of work. It is not easy to start a direct sales company and work it online and offline at the same time. Many direct sales people actually choose where they are going to focus their business and a majority of them choose offline sales and marketing. When asked, most reply they don’t know how to find customers online.

It is a tough market online. I am not going to sugar coat it for you. Its true. You have competitors and because of that, you have to find a niche; a place that you carve out for yourself. Blogging and using articles can be a great marketing tool for you and your business to help you carve out that niche.

Many people are afraid of blogging, but honestly it is just an expression of you. Who you are and what you love or don’t love. Using it for marketing your business is as simple as starting to write about your business. Teach your readers about your products. Teach others about your business. Share information that you have gathered and learned and you are on you way!

When you run out of topics to write about (and that does happen sometimes), many turn to PLR articles. These are articles written by a ghostwriter, priced inexpensively so they can be sold many times over. The great thing about that is you can then take that article and rewrite it to your style and flavor and publish it as your own. It is a great way to get your brain flowing on topics again.

Marketing your direct sales business online doesn’t have to be rocket science. Start with a blog and some ideas. You can then start sharing with others and soon your blog will be seen by many and your business will soon be growing too.

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Making Your Mark in Your Direct Sales Business

One of the issues that comes up quite a bit from people in direct sales is how to be different when there are so many others in the same company or business niche as yours. Lets face it, there are a million people that sell Avon around the world. Chances are that you will have several in your town or neighborhood. The sames goes for any other large direct sales company such as Tupperware and Mary Kay. So what can you do to make a difference in your business?

One of the most important things I see is making sure that you differentiate yourself from the masses. You do this through your personal, custom business url and a separate website (blog) – not your company rep site. Once you have those two items, you can differentiate through your blog and the articles that you produce. You can also do this through your business or personal social media links and chats.

If you are in direct sales and have not started any of the above, you need to. It will make a difference in your business. If you need help creating your blog and finding quality content, let your friendly favorite ghostwriter and direct sales specialist help you.

ummm – that would be me….

So get busy today and make your mark using your direct sales business.