Reasons You Need to Attend Your Annual Direct Sales Conference

Every year most direct sales business offer conferences for you to attend. Most of the time they are no where near your home and while it may be a budget stretcher for you, it is one expense you really need to incur. No whining or excuses. Book the room and pay for the conference ticket. I don’t care what it takes, but you should do it!

Now, let me tell you why it is so important that you go to your annual direct sales conference.

The Annual Conference is the Best Place to Get Motivated – Need some motivation in your business? Go to the annual conference. There you will see lots of people just like you who are making a success of their direct sales businesses. You can learn what they did to get where they are and what they’re doing to stay on top!

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives – Often companies will offer an incentive like a discounted price or free registration to the conference if you reach a certain amount in sales and/or recruits. Setting your goals to reach these incentives will not only get you to the conference, but it will give your business a boost as well. Think of all the shows you will be holding and all of the sales you will be making to reach your goal.

The Momentum You’ll Gain is Priceless – When you get back from the annual conference, you’ll be empowered with so much knowledge and motivation nothing will stop you from reaching your sales goals and gaining new recruits. If you boosted your sales and recruits to reach a goal prior to going to the conference, you’ll have all those shows to follow up on. Your excitement will rub off on your new and potential recruits. They will want to sign up right away when they see how excited you are.

The Knowledge You’ll Learn is Invaluable – Most annual conferences offer classes you can take while there. These classes will teach you how to be more successful in your direct sales business. The classes are usually taught by people at the top, who were once where you are right now. They will teach you how to get to the next level of your business.

The Camaraderie is an Experience All Its Own – Everyone attending the annual conference has something in common with you. You will make new friends and possibly even meet a new mentor or role model. There won’t be a luncheon or banquet you will attend where you won’t have something to talk about with someone else.

Big City Life Changes Everyone’s Point of View – If you’re from a small, rural part of the country, going to a big city where annual conferences are usually held, is an experience you will never forget. It really changes your perspective on things and makes you realize this world isn’t so small after all. Plus it is great to meet others from all over the country and learn how they approach and talk to their clients. Ask what they do to gain business.

If you have been thinking about going to the annual conference but you just weren’t sure about it, think about it no more. Set your goals. Make your plans and GO. Do special sales or promotions to help pay for but whatever you do, just gt there. I promise you won’t regret it. You will come back with so much excitement, ideas and energy about your business, it will certainly flourish! Now go sign up already!

Effective Team Leaders Delegate

A Guest Post by Deb Bixler

direct sales radio In a direct sales business, there is a lot of responsibility and tasks that need to be done to keep the business running smoothly. When the business first starts out, the consultant may be able to handle it on her own. But as the referrals keep rolling and the business starts to grow, the consultant will find that she needs help to keep the business going.

When it comes to delegating responsibility, there are a few tips that a sales consultant can use to make sure that the quality of the business does not trail off as the responsibilities start to grow. It is important to remember that just because the business is growing and you need to delegate some of the responsibilities, that does not mean that you should start to lose touch with your own company. You should have your finger on the pulse of your organization at all times.

Leaders Keep a Detailed List

In a direct sales business, keeping lists is critical to your success. When you hand off responsibilities to other people, be sure that you keep a list of what responsibilities you delegated and who you gave them to. If you do not keep a comprehensive list of the tasks that you delegated, then you will have a difficult time keeping track of your business.

Sales Leaders Set Deadlines

Don’t just give people responsibilities; you should also set deadlines for them to meet those responsibilities. For example, if you have someone that orders stock for you, then make Friday the deadline for all orders to be placed so that you have product in time for the next few events. Without deadlines, you are just making suggestions and not delegating responsibility.

When you ask someone to help you with your growing direct sales business, you cannot assume that your assistants have the same level of dedication that you do. When you delegate tasks and set deadlines, be sure that you also create consequences for people who do not meet their goals. Consequences mean more to people when you are paying them for their services. It helps you to make sure that jobs get done when they are supposed to.

It is not always easy running a growing sales business, but it can be extremely rewarding. When the time comes for you to delegate tasks to assistants and other people in your organization, be sure that you know how to delegate with authority.

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Home Party Consultant Meeting Training Ideas by Deb Bixler

Home Party Consultant Meeting Training Ideas

Home Party Team TrainingAs a direct sales or home party consultant, your business thrives on bookings and sales. To make more profits and ratchet up your business to a higher level, you can build a team of sales consultants. Having a team will help your business grow exponentially and put more money in your bank account.

However, having a sales team also means more work; to have your sales team working effectively you need to have regular home party plan training meetings for all your sales consultants.

It doesn’t matter what line of products you sell, having a team of sales consultants is financially rewarding. The better the training, the more the team will sell. The more they sell, the more profits you and your team members make.

How to Train Party Plan Business Consultants

Effective home party plan training should simulate the actual booking. It is extremely important to provide your team members with the opportunity to learn in an environment that is close to the real thing. You can have meeting training topics on:

  • Teach the speech
  • Body language is the language of sales
  • Simulate a party
  • Play with the products
  • Practice and preparation

During training, the starting point should be the speech. This is often the most difficult part of the sales presentation. Many people have issues with public speaking. The speech should be written out and practiced over and over, and over again. Team members should write out short speeches and then practice giving them to each other. Another important part of the presentation is to work on body language. Teach them how to stand, what gestures to use, and how to make eye contact with a room full of people. Body language should always appear as open and as inviting as possible.

During home party plan training it is beneficial to hold your training sessions in an environment that is similar to one in which the booking will take place. Most bookings are at someone’s home. By holding training sessions in someone’s house, your team will feel more comfortable when they go to a home for a presentation.

Team members should also spend time using and learning about the products. They should know how to use them and be completely comfortable discussing all the details about every item in the product line. Training sessions can include time to learn about the products, but trainees should also be required to do some homework as part of their training.

The last key to successful sales training is practice and preparation. Practice the speech, the demonstration, the various games to play, and the processing of orders. Teach them how to prepare for a party and how to organize the products, the props, and the paperwork prior to a booking.

Use Technology To Leverage Team Training Time

The CashFlowShow Game is a party plan training program that is duplicate-able. It will leverage your time as you put your team through a progressive learning style that guarantees success.

Home party training should be as comprehensive as possible. The better trained your team members are in all aspects of home party sales, the more bookings they will get and the more products they will sell. Effective training means more money for everyone.

Copyright 2011 by Deb Bixler