Team Training Tips for Direct Sales Professionals | Lead By Example

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In any direct sales business there is the opportunity to lead, develop and train a team that you have brought together by recruitment. Some recruiters may be experienced at leading and developing a team. Some may be inexperienced. There certainly is a lot to learn and an even greater amount that you need know to be able to train others.

One thing that is imperative as a team trainer is to lead by example. Sure, it is easy to tell someone how to properly run a business and how to recruit and train a team. But in a direct sales business, leading by example is the easiest way to teach and show others how to be successful at their business of choice.

If you as a leader and team trainer expect your recruits to book and hold 2 shows a week, then you need to be booking and holding 3 or more shows a week. Similarly, if you tell people that it is easy to recruit 5 people a month, you need to be adding 5-7 a month.

Showing people how to work their direct sales business speaks so much louder than someone who tells people how to run their business. Your team will respect you and follow What you do if you are showing them How you do it. You know what happens if you tell people what to do… some people may get their back up.

If you want to be a strong and effective team trainer, take your knowledge that you have learned through trial and error and share it with your team. I think that leading by example is the only way that you can be truly train and lead your direct sales team into higher levels of success.

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