Show #2 Aug 1st

I did the second show yesterday. It was great talking with my guest, MaryBeth Raible of Silpada Designs. We talked a lot about JumpStarting Your Biz! She was a great guest. I, of course, thought of things after the fact, but I know it will be fine.

Her website is Silpada Check it out! Awesome products!

Tune in Monday to hear us chatting! Bring your Pens and paper~
There will be a quiz! LOL

Download the Mp3


Awesome Response!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful words of encouragement and the fact that we are ALL Hecka excited about the show! Words cannot express how excited I am knowing that this show will help so many women.

Seasoned direct sales reps wrote me to say they were taking notes and their brains started working over time. Now that’s what I want to hear!

Sometimes we need to hear others successes and not so successful experiences to get us out of the daily grind!