Why do I Blog?

Angela Wills over at Star VA tagged me about 5 reason why I blog. Well I guess I never really thought about it but here goes.

1). I use this as an extention to my articles. My articles contain certin bits of infomation, but the blog has become an offshoot of my Weekly Tips. I can talk more on a blog I guess. LOL

2). I really enjoy interacting with others on my blog.

3). I like being able to talk about whatever my heart desires coz it is mine all mine! LOL

4). I often wonder who really is reading this stuff anyway and if it helps them at all? I really wish poeple would take 5 seconds and reply to posts to let bloggers know if it helped, if it was trash or what. LOL Are you out there????

 5). I like being able to tag others about their information and learn as well. So that wasn’t too hard.

What do you think about blogging? Do you like to write or would your rather read?