How to Advertise Your Business Opportunity at a Home Party

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Having a business in the direct sales community means that you are in charge of everything you need to manage, run and market your business. Most people can run and do a decent job managing a business. That takes making calls, placing orders, doing paperwork, handling parties and so on. But when it comes to marketing and advertising the business opportunity, that is where many people come to a screeching halt. I have seen reps literally start spewing everything there is know know about the business when speaking to a potential customer or rep. There is no bigger turnoff than that. Learning how to blend your marketing message into your your parties is something that you can do with some practice.

At a home party, many reps concentrate on product sales and party bookings. By not adding something about joining the business during your party is a missed opportunity for growing your team. That is a loss of income on your part. Growing your team is an excellent way to add more excitement and money into your business. IS that not why you are in business to begin with?

Check out these Tips on How to Market and Advertise Your Business Opportunity at a Home Party

* Include a business opportunity message in your introduction at the party. During your party, let the guests get to know you by telling a story about who you are, why you joined your company and how the company is benefiting you financially. Make it personal and share how you are using the income.

* Throughout the party, drop subtle recruiting messages about every 20 minutes or so. You should be able to do this by mentioning some of the consultant business perks briefly throughout the party presentation. That can be things like sharing what comes in the party kit(s), talking about kit specials, etc.

* Tuck a business flyer or brochure into the party folder each guest receives or into their catalog along with the order form. Often the guest will take it home, read it in private and let the information sink in. They might not be interested right now, but they will have your information for future reference.

* After your presentation there is the ability to add one more drop of your recruiting message and that is with a one-on-one sales pitch when the guest is placing their order with you. Here is a great example of a message you can use –

Sally, I know I have given out a lot of information tonight about my company’s wonderful money-making business opportunity and I just wanted to see if you had any questions now about that information that I can answer for you tonight. If not, please feel free to contact me in the future should you need any additional information or have any questions. Also if your know of anyone that may be interested in my business, here is my business card.

Part of our job, besides selling products and booking parties during the home party setting, is to recruit new members to add to the team. Standing in front of guests that are genuinely interested in your products plus having their undivided attentions is the perfect time to drop several recruiting messages. It is well received by the party guests and hostess.

As you practice the art of how to advertise your business opportunity at all of your home parties, it will become quickly part of your party routine. You will see the payoff by having your recruiting numbers dramatically increase over time.

5 Ways to Make Money With Cash and Carry

One of the things I love the most about direct sales is that if you are ever in need of money, all you have to do is book a party or sell some product and you have immediate cash. How cool is that? I love the fact that direct sales can be an immediate cash flow opportunity for you and there are many ways that you can include cash and carry into your party setting too.

Here are a few tips for getting some cash flow today by using several different methods.

1) Create a flyer that features your on hand inventory. Use images and prices. Email that out to your contact list

2) Find a beautiful basket and line it with some cloth. Artfully arrange your products in the basket and take it with you to your parties and deliveries.

3) Create grab bags of mystery products. Depending on the price of your products make some $1, $5, $10 and make sure the value is there plus some. So if you are creating a $5 bag, the value should be $8+.

4) Create Baskets of like items to sell at a good price. Make sure they are wrapped and ready to give as gifts.

5) Photograph individual items and sell them online on your favorite sites. (make sure this is allowed per your company terms of Service)

These 5 ways will help you make some cash today and increase interest for your business too. Make sure that your business card is attached to every outgoing product or bag for repeat sales. People love a great deal and they are also happy to know that they do not always have to buy through a party setting.

Is Social Media Really Required for a Home Party Plan Business?

Since I have been in direct sales for many, many years, I know a lot of women that are involved in the business. Some of them have grasped the concept of social media and use it in their business while others staunchly refuse to use it. Their main concerns is privacy and the fact that they feel they have “no extra time for that nonsense”. So that got me wondering about social media and the impact that it is having on business today and the direct sales industry as a whole. Which brings me to the question:

Is Social Media Really Required for a Home Party Plan Business?

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As someone who has been on the internet for 13+ years, adding social media into my business was a natural progression. As social sites became mainstream, I found myself joining in and with that sharing business tips and information for others in the direct sales and party plan arenas. But what about those that are new to the internet and only use it for emailing and placing orders. Are they missing out on business because they choose not to have their business ties to a social media platform?

Honestly, I can see both sides. There are millions of people in a direct sales business and millions more joining at any given time. Some have found information through social media sharing such as Facebook. Others have grown their businesses into great money makers without the use of social media.

So what is right and what is wrong?

I think it is a personal choice. If you are satisfied with how your business is growing and providing for you, then you must be doing something right. If you are seeing less and less customers and are having a harder time booking parties and selling product or even a hard time adding consultants to your team, you are missing something!

Here are the facts. The internet is changing. Whether that be for the good or not so good, you need to be in touch with where your customers are going and where to find recruits. If that is the internet and on social media sites, then you better be there too.

Start with one. I recommend Facebook because your friends and family are there. Learn it and share your business info every so often. Let them know what you do and who you are. When you are comfortable in that arena, move on to Pinterest. Do the same. Learn it and get comfortable with it. Slowly add sites, if you feel you need more. There are plenty to choose from and lets fact it, we would all use more business!