Seven Direct Sales Party Tips for a Successful Event

As a direct sales party consultant, you’ll spend a lot of your time at parties. As you know, that is where much of your income will be made and the more parties you hold, the more money you can make. However, your job is not only to sell products at parties, you’ll also find new hostesses for future parties and that is one of the best sources for adding new team members. Since there is a lot that goes into the success of a direct sales party, take a look at these seven tips to make your parties successful and profitable.
#1 Set goals for yourself
Goals are an important part of any business. When you create goals and a plan to achieve them, you have a direction. One goal is your overall business goal. What is your sales goal? How many parties and how much per party will you need to make to hit your goal? Now you know that, you can create a plan to make it happen.

#2 Set hostess/host goals
Your personal financial goals are different than your hostess goals. Your host or host may want to earn a specific prize. They may want to earn a commission or credit on products. Spend time with your hostess finding out what their goals are and help her to create a plan to achieve them. When your hostess is successful, you are too.

#3 Pre-sell the Products
When you send the invitations for the party, be sure to share with the hostess how to pre-sell the products for more sales and bonuses for her. It is easy to share the catalog and the website to invite sales. Also the party guests can come with an idea of what they want to purchase already in their mind.

#4 Games are Fun
A direct sales party is supposed to be fun. Attendees are expecting fun and a bit of socializing. They’re also expecting a pitch from you. Plan games and social activities to break the ice and help everyone have a good time. When the guests have fun, they are more likely to come to another party or host their own.

#5 Music and food
You don’t have to have either music or food and much of this may depend on your host’s preferences. However, food and music do tend to set the mood. It helps people relax and enhances the whole party atmosphere but make sure that it is controlled too.

#6 Allow Browsing
Make sure to set out some of the products so your party attendants can browse while they’re eating and socializing. Let them touch and learn about the products before you pitch. They may have already made a decision to buy. They may also have a few questions for you which may make the presentation more interactive.

#7 Your Pitch
People are expecting you to sell. Make sure you practice and are comfortable talking in front of people but keep it casual. Remember to focus your pitch on the benefits of each product but also keep it personal. Share your and ask for others to share their likes and experiences. Help your prospects relate to you and see the value your products offer.

Parties are the fun part of direct sales. They enable you to meet new people and you get the unique opportunity to talk to people about something you love. The best part is you get to help people while you’re earning a profit. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Direct Sales Party Plan Bookings Tips

I don’t care how long you have been in a direct sales business, we all run dry on bookings now and then. If you are someone that needs help occasionally keeping your calendar full, then you have to check this post out. It contains some tips for some bookings you can get right now, but it also includes information to Deb Bixler’s new course that is rolling out at her Direct Sales Booking University.

Direct Sales Party Plan Bookings Tips

Deb Bixler is a BOOKINGs expert. She used her party plan business to quit her full time job over 10 years ago and has become the go to person for bookings training. This week a new (free) course is rolling out at her website the CashFlowShow direct sales resource center.

The Direct Sales Bookings University is the most comprehensive training ever to hit the party plan – direct sales industry.

The FREE version is launching this week! So, check it out and fill your party plan calendar!

Bookings Tips

It is a bit early to think about the holidays but in is never to early to make plans for more bookings. Here are a few tips that have been around before but worth refreshing now and then because sometimes we forget! Some great tips for year round bookings!

Tap the Male Market

Think of opportunities that you may have to do unique shows. Whenever there is an opportunity to provide a service to men to assist them with shopping it is a win-win.

Most men need to buy anniversary, birthday and holiday gifts for the many women in their lives. When you provide the gift-giving service for men, you are opening up a whole new market. It can be live shows, catalog shows or just individual orders.

Men are a terrific market because they are not afraid to spend money on the women they love, whether it is their wives, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, or all of the above.

Home Parties For Men

You could have a football party, or basketball show, or some other type of male gathering show. I have had great success with this type of show. Pick a show date that coincides with a sports event that the men are already gathering together for. Then, you should distribute lots of catalogs ahead of time. In advance of the show the host will need a catalog for each guy coming to the show, plus some for friends not coming as well.

Host coach him to have the guys circulate the catalogs around among the women in their lives before the show. The women can then mark down their choices. You show up on the appointed day and gather up the orders. Sometimes it is effective to ask if the guys want to see anything special that their wives or Moms may have marked off. Most of the time an actual show is not necessary at all. (I do prepare a quick snack for them.)

Catalog Shows Boost Holiday Party Sales

A men’s catalog show is another terrific way to boost your sales. I have found that frequently this is a last-minute order in December. Sometimes the gifts got to them just the day before Christmas, but that was cool. There is nothing wrong with some “gravy” for the holiday commission check. Catalog shows are gravy, you know!! The gift-wrapping service is usually appreciated here if you can have the products delivered to you for wrapping, then you can deliver them to the host.

Clean Out the Basement Direct Sales

I have always liked this one. Just invite some last-minute male shoppers over to your house to shop from your inventory of product that you earned or accumulated and stored in your basement. It is strictly cash-and-carry shopping. Wrap it on the spot and send them off happy.

Direct Sales Gift Wrapping Service

A nice service or perk would be to provide a gift-wrapping service, although this is not necessary. It only works well if you do not have to run all over town to deliver products. Men love the service of getting a nicely wrapped gift for their girl! My UPS man comes here every year for his wife’s birthday and Christmas gifts.

The Direct Sales Bookings University
The Direct Sales Bookings University is the most comprehensive training ever to hit the party plan – direct sales industry.

The FREE version is launching this week! So, check it out and fill your party plan calendar!

Creating Party Urgency With Busy Calendar

Your home party is winding down and the attendees have all had a great time. You have used some effective games to get people interested in buying products and now you have several people interested in hosting an event of their own. Booking future events is the same as closing a sale. You need to create urgency and then go for the close. When you are doing your direct sales training, you need to teach your associates how to create that urgency by using some calendar tricks.

Mark The Available Days

The first thing that works for creating a sense of urgency with a calendar is to only show potential clients the days you are available for events. For example, if your events take place Friday through Sunday, then eliminate Monday through Thursday from your booking calendar. Cross them out as if you are busy or if you use digital calendar then just eliminate them entirely. You can always transfer your event dates to your personal calendar so that you can keep track of your overall schedule.

Create Urgency With Color Coding

As a part of direct sales training, you need to teach associates that there are few things more powerful than a color-coded calendar. Your entire calendar needs to be color-coded, even the days that have nothing going on.

A calendar full of white boxes with dates checked off will always look empty, even if all of the event dates are filled. But if you block out booked dates in red and open dates in blue, then your entire calendar looks booked. Even when you explain your color system to clients, there will still be a sense of urgency because the boxes on the calendar are not white.

Book In Tight – Narrow Choices

The chances are good that your most immediate dates will fill up first. That is why you should only show prospective clients your calendar for the next two to three months. You will find it much easier to fill up your calendar when you already have dates filled in. If you give your client an option of choosing dates that are three months away or more, then it looks like you have more open dates and you lose that sense of urgency.

Make your calendar look full!!

A sense of urgency in prospective clients is important because it helps to decrease the chances that the client will cancel. In order to create that sense of urgency, you need to know how to keep a calendar that always looks booked and busy.

When your calendar looks full,even if it is not full, then you will become better at booking shows at your show. Learn more home party plan calendar tips at the CashFlowShow training center.

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