What is Recruiting About Anyway?

Recruiting… The Scary R Word!!!!

Why are we afraid of that word? What does it really mean to you?

I usually call it Team Building because that is what we do. That is the function of Recruiting. We are building our team, who in turn builds their team and so on. All of us have the same goal in mind, but sharing that goal with others and proving your company is the best and that YOU are the best Leader for them is another thing.

How do you show that you are a good leader?

What makes someone a good leader and someone a poor leader?

Is it really the leader or the person being “lead” that determines how much leadership you need or get?

If you have people in your Downline or Team that need more of you as a leader than others, are you spending more time with that person or the same time with all?

Is Team building and Leadership overwhelming to you as a leader?

The answers to these questions and more will be upcoming over the next few weeks.

Explore it with me.

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