Meet the New Again Mystique Boutique Direct Sales Company

I have had the privileged in working with a re-newed direct sales company in the past month or so on one of my other sites. I thought I would share with you a bit about my new obsession in fabulous direct sales products.

Mystique Boutique is the name of the company and they are Michigan born, American Made……Women’s Accessories & Body Care. I fell in love with the entire product line when I saw their site and catalog. There is absolutely something for everyone with their gorgeous selection of trendy, fashionable women’s accessories like the purses, leather belts and stylish buckles, amazing jewelry and watches, beautiful scarves and their body care line. Oh yes! Definitely something for everyone!

Since 2006, they have remained committed to bringing back American made products & design. They started as a jewelry only company and in Oct 2011, they extended their line to include the other fabulous selections, all for today’s modern woman.

I have seen many items in their line personally and they are top quality product with American pride built right in. The products are exactly what women are buying in the trendy boutiques so why not buy it from a Made in America company offering Made in American products?

The compensation plan looks simple and fair. You will earn a decent percentage and the kits are fairly priced. The Hostess plan is nice and generous as well. Booking for this product line should be a snap.

If you are looking for a direct sales company to check out for a new party plan business, you have to check out Mystique Boutique. They are going places! Look at their offerings to you as a direct sales business consultant and grab your kit today. I think you will be pleased!

Marketing Your Company Using Professional Product Reviewers

Building your business in a struggling market can seem like a daunting job, especially with hundreds of other direct sales reps and companies vying for the attention. With an online business, there is a great method that you can find useful to get your name out to the crowds easily and relatively quickly. It is called Product Reviews.

There are hundreds of product review blogs in the online world that are willing to review an item that is sent to them. In turn, they will post about your product and your business which will bring you valuable backlinks and promotion. One such blog that will handle direct sales products is Two Classy Chics.

There are a few things that you need to check for before randomly contacting a review blogger. You want to look for a professional product reviewer, not someone that does it casually. Here is what to look for:

1) Check out their site and read the reviews they post. Make sure they are detailed and give proper links to the sponsor. The review should be more than a paragraph or a few sentences and should have at least 2-3 backlinks.

2) Check and see how many reviews they have written. Look for their followers and make sure they have written a lot of reviews before yours and they have a lot of followers.

3) Check to see if the reviews they have written are in similar product lines like your product. If you are looking at a mom blog that deals in organic diapers mainly, your beauty or kitchen items might not get the right attention.

4) Ask what the turn around is. Ask them if they will promote your review at all and if so, how. Ask them if they ever remove reviews or links… they should not.

5) See if they also host giveaways. Giveaways of additional product will give you a lot of traffic to your site and can create a lot of interest if it is run properly. You can use it to gain new followers to your social media sites which means you can then market directly to them.

Using product reviews and giveaways can really work to help kick off your marketing effort. It can bring your new followers to your social media accounts and create some excitement.

If you have a product you would like to market, check out my review and giveaway blog at Two Classy Chics to see how I can help your business.