5 Ideas for Immediate Sales in Your Direct Sales Business

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I think we have all been there a time or two. A hiccup in your cash flow can cause big problems with not only the household situation but also your direct sales business. If you are finding yourself and your business in need of immediate cash flow, check out these 5 ideas to help generate immediate sales.

I think that having a direct sales business is the best type of business to have. You are in control of a business that can generate immediate cash no matter where you are or what you are doing. Give these ideas a try.

1) Book a Party – Find a friend to host it and get on the phone to hold it. Make it fun like pie and coffee at a local restaurant and you will get people there. Got cash and carry products? Bring it all!

2) Have a Clearance Sale – List out all of your products on hand and e-mail out flyers. Get on the phone and call customers to tell them about the sale. Make sure to offer a special deal that each customer will love.

3) Hold a Mystery Party – Host your own party and choose one lucky winner in attendance to be the mystery hostess. She/He will get all of the benefits of hosting the party such as discounts on hostess items, etc. It is fun and you can be really creative.

4) Hold an Open House – Let the folks come to you to shop. Sell your on hand goods and take orders for new products. These work great during holidays or for special events.

5) Hold an Online Party – Harness the power of the internet and hold an online party on Facebook. Create an event and leave it open for 3-7 days. Make sure to invite everyone and have lots of specials and fun deals for your customers.

Creating immediate cash flow is not hard when you think about it. Use one of these ideas to boost your income and maybe it will become a regular event for you.

Tips to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Social media has become mainstream in our lives. With millions upon millions of social media users every day, using social media in your business is quickly becoming a necessary tool. However, it can be confusing on just which social media platform to use for your direct sales and small business. There are 6 main sites that you will want to check out before jumping in:
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* Facebook
* Google+
* Twitter
* Pinterest
* Instagram
* LinkedIn

It is tempting to want to jump in and use them all to flood the web with your business info but do not do that. What you want to do first is understand how these sites work and then choose one or two at the most and start there.

Facebook is used by millions to connect with friends and family. There are group and business pages available to promote your business to your followers.

Twitter is great for short, to the point messages and conversations.

Google+ is similar to Facebook but is a google product that will assist your conversations and links in getting indexed quickly. You can also have business pages and participate in groups.

Pinterest is perfect for businesses that are image heavy. You can also post articles and infographics that have images attached to them.

Instagram is a great tool that is similar to Pinterest, using images.

LinkedIn is mainly for business professionals as a way to connect with other professionals. It is not usually used for ads or promotions, but more as a tool to connect with the like minded.

All of these sites also have apps for cell phones so that you can use the sites at parties and on the go. In order to choose the best platform for your business, it is best to choose one or two, set up your account and add the links to your website. Start promoting your social media sites to your customers and at your parties to grow your followers.

Choosing the right platform is going to depend on the response that you get from your followers. You want to judge your engagement that occurs on your posts. It is not only just the number of followers; it is about the interaction that you get. Become involved in the social site, chat with people and provide tips and value to the community overall. Also make sure that you are consistent with your postings. Do not just post once in a while but set a schedule to visit and post a few times a day.

It’s okay to just be on a few of these sites and you certainly do not have to be on them all. Take the time to research your interaction and choose the ones to use in your direct sales business that you enjoy and that you get interaction and engagement with your followers. This will lead to interest in your business and traffic to your site.

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Is Social Media Really Required for a Home Party Plan Business?

Since I have been in direct sales for many, many years, I know a lot of women that are involved in the business. Some of them have grasped the concept of social media and use it in their business while others staunchly refuse to use it. Their main concerns is privacy and the fact that they feel they have “no extra time for that nonsense”. So that got me wondering about social media and the impact that it is having on business today and the direct sales industry as a whole. Which brings me to the question:

Is Social Media Really Required for a Home Party Plan Business?

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As someone who has been on the internet for 13+ years, adding social media into my business was a natural progression. As social sites became mainstream, I found myself joining in and with that sharing business tips and information for others in the direct sales and party plan arenas. But what about those that are new to the internet and only use it for emailing and placing orders. Are they missing out on business because they choose not to have their business ties to a social media platform?

Honestly, I can see both sides. There are millions of people in a direct sales business and millions more joining at any given time. Some have found information through social media sharing such as Facebook. Others have grown their businesses into great money makers without the use of social media.

So what is right and what is wrong?

I think it is a personal choice. If you are satisfied with how your business is growing and providing for you, then you must be doing something right. If you are seeing less and less customers and are having a harder time booking parties and selling product or even a hard time adding consultants to your team, you are missing something!

Here are the facts. The internet is changing. Whether that be for the good or not so good, you need to be in touch with where your customers are going and where to find recruits. If that is the internet and on social media sites, then you better be there too.

Start with one. I recommend Facebook because your friends and family are there. Learn it and share your business info every so often. Let them know what you do and who you are. When you are comfortable in that arena, move on to Pinterest. Do the same. Learn it and get comfortable with it. Slowly add sites, if you feel you need more. There are plenty to choose from and lets fact it, we would all use more business!