Sales Tips to Improve Your Business

If you are great at crafting but only so-so at the sales portion of your business, you can get help. I am a sales professional and have a website dedicated to sales and direct selling in particular. Sales of crafts is a direct sales business to me. Plus as a small business owner, there is a lot of information that you may need to know!

Stop by my Direct Sales blog called DirectSalesTalk and check out the hundreds of articles there to help you grow and define your business. I know there is information there to help your business.


Before you sign on the Line….

Make sure you are reading the small print on the vendor show contacts. 

When is the last day to cancel if you cannot attend?  Rain Dates?

Tents or supplies required? Specific color?

Pics required?  Is it judged?

Insurance required?

How much is the cost of the booth? Can you Realistically sell enough product and make a profit at this show? 

How many other vendor will be there with the same type of product as yours?  You can ask!  It is important if you are going to make a profit.

Some food for thought! 


Setting Up Your Display

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI found a few old pics of a display that I set up at a function. I thought I would share them with you for an idea or two on setting up a display.

What I like is the tables split and running lenght wise. It gave me and my customers a lot of moving around room and that means shopping room. I have set up this way several times and it is great.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The second picture has some of my neighbors product behind mine so it is a bit distracting to look at the picture. One thing that I like about this pic is the cute bushel baskets that I found to put items in. They fit the theme and were a great time saver in packing up.

What is great about taking pics of your displays is that you can critique them and get a different view of your set up. You can see it the way the customers sees it. I have made several changes to my set up since these pics, added some things and taken away some things. It is always a work in progress. How about yours?