EZ Display for Crafters and Direct Sellers

I had the chance to do a review on a brand new tool for crafters, indie business owners, direct sellers in a party plan or anyone that uses shows, fairs, festivals, street shows, etc of any kind.

The EZDisplay is an awesome tool that will make your sales life easier. Swing on by the site my post is on and read my review. There is a contest going on as well! The company is going to Give Away a display to a lucky winner!

Check it out and enter to win as well!! Product Review & Giveaway for EZ Display

Talking Prim

I just love Prim crafts. From the darling fonts to the clip art and printables, I love Prim. I love looking at all of the crafts people create with Prim designs. The black crows, berry vines, stars, annies, salt box houses. You know what I mean.

Unfortunately where I live it is not popular and you rarely see Prim anywhere. I always wanted to have a craft business using Prim items, but I am afraid it would not be successful because this area is not known for it. Would they even “Get It”? I did get some stars and berry vines for decorations for my display. And I also had special prim price lables and biz cards made for my candles. Red Stars with Berry vines and checkerboard border on kraft stock. Whoopie. LOL

Well I guess my small doses of Prim will have to do me for now until I can figure out how to introduce it to the world over here. Hmmmmmmm