EZ Display for Crafters and Direct Sellers

I had the chance to do a review on a brand new tool for crafters, indie business owners, direct sellers in a party plan or anyone that uses shows, fairs, festivals, street shows, etc of any kind.

The EZDisplay is an awesome tool that will make your sales life easier. Swing on by the site my post is on and read my review. There is a contest going on as well! The company is going to Give Away a display to a lucky winner!

Check it out and enter to win as well!! Product Review & Giveaway for EZ Display

Insurance for Craft Shows

I had a great question posted on one of my blogs regarding insurance coverage for shows. I thought I would share the question and answer for you as well.

I’m getting in festivals and art fairs. I’m going to become a dealer (edited) and design a catchy looking display. One thing I questions is insurance. Do you have to have liability insurance for your show? If so, where do I get it?

Insurance will depend on the type of show that you attend. Many small shows do not require insurance, but most of the bigger shows do. If you are going to do a lot of shows, then you would want to get a separate policy for your business. Most shows require $1 million liability payable to the show coordinators and/or owners and you can find local brokers that can sell it.
If you only plan on doing a few shows a year, having a separate policy may not be worth it. Your homeowners insurance will write you a $1 mill rider for $25 or so but that is for each day of the show. So if you are attending a 2-3 day show, the fees will add up quickly.

Hope this helps~

Drawings at Craft Venues? Good Marketing?

I have seen many, many crafters use drawings at their shows to get the contact info on people that may be interested in their product. I have, in fact, used this tactic myself a few times. But over the years I have come to realize that I am throwing my money away.

So many people are taught this marketing ploy, but lets face facts. How many things have you signed up for with no intention of ever buying anything? How many times have you signed up for something just to win a prize?

Well the same thing goes for the drawing usage at a show. Are you really capturing the info of a potential customer or are you literally giving away your product to someone whom you will never hear from again?
Chances are it is the latter.

While I agree that asking for someones contact info is a great idea at these venues, but using a ploy for free product is not the way to get the potential, new client. What is wrong with talking to those that come into your booth because they like what they see? Why not simply ask them to fill out a sheet if they are truly interested in your product line. Why throw away hard earned profit on giving product to someone you most likely will never see or sell to again?

Yes, you may get fewer leads overall, but the ones you are getting by conversing with them will be quality leads who are honestly interested in what you sell and want more information from time to time. Not someone looking for free goods.

Next time you set up at a show, tweak your info sheet and get good, solid leads from customers. We are in business to make a profit and to grow our business, not give it away.