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I have published many articles over the years that are scattered through the web. This is only a few of the hundreds of articles on this site so check the categories for more in depth info you will want to know. I hope that they help you with your direct sales business!


Direct Sales and Fundraising – What is a Fundraiser?
Finding That First Fundraiser
The Most Important Tool You Need for a Successful Fundrasier
Your Information Packet for Your Fundraising Contacts
What’s the Big Deal About Fundraisers?
Helping your Group have a Successful Fundraisier
The Date of the Fundraiser can Make or Break You
Fundraising Online With Your Direct Sales Business

Planning an Awesome Craft Show
Using Drawings at Craft Shows? Marketing Magic or Profit Buster?


Maximize Your Sales Training
Why Choose Direct Sales Over a Traditional JOB?
Self Promotion in Direct Sales
Selling Yourself Short
Are You Prepared to Sell?
Is Procrastination Killing Your Business?
Dealing With That 5 Letter Word – SALES
Using Customer Appreciation Days in Your Direct Sales Business
Not a Partier in a Party Plan Business? Develop Your Business Anyway
Customer Service and Growing your Direct Sales Business
How to Stay Focused on Your Business Everyday
Ideas on How to Kick Start Your New Direct Sales Business
Good Reasons to Continue Building Your Customer Base
OneThing Not to do When Creating Ads for Your Direct Sales Business
Use Your Direct Sales Business to Make a Profit, Not Give it Away
Don’t Be Shackled By The Rules
Are Your Recruits Burning up Your Time?
What is Holding You Back From Growing Your Business
Dealing with a Difficult Customer
Using Introduction Letters for Your New Direct Sales Business
7 Tips to be an Effective Direct Sales Leader
Person to Person Sales Means More Money in Your Pocket
The Secret to Selling More

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