Now Hiring!

I have a big issue with these two words! Especially when you are talking about a work at home business, MLM or direct sales business. I have addressed this issue before about using “Now Hiring” writing business ads on a blog post located here. I was not seeing it as much for a while, but now it is cropping up again. I was on Facebook the other day and saw a National Corporate Direct Sales Business, whom shalll remain nameless, use “Now Hiring” in their recruiting Ad!

Are you serious??

What in the heck is a INDEPENDANT REP supposed to think when they are “hired”, by paying their money, for a job?

“Ummmm HELLO? Where are my leads? Where is the money you say I would make? Oh, I have to do this alone? But You “Hired” me!”

Yes, I know I am “yelling”. But this really ticks me off. I cannot believe that in this day and age, we are still seeing this blantant type of deceitful advertising. Hopefully, most people know that they are not reallying hired; they are starting their own business, but you never know!

I, for one, think this practice needs to stop immediately.

Just my .01 cent worth…