Getting Started with Affiliate Programs

What Does a Good Affiliate Program Look Like? Have you heard about affiliate programs, but were afraid to ask? Here is some answers.

Finding a good affiliate program can make the difference between making pennies and making a good income from your affiliate recommendations. This is especially true if you are new to affiliate marketing and need a little hand-holding and support to get you started. Unfortunately, if you are new it can be a little daunting to try and figure out what you need from an affiliate program.

Here are three quick starter tips to help you ensure that your affiliate recommendations are always solid.

A solid product

It’s best if you’ve had a chance to experience the product you are considering promoting first hand. This is often much easier with inexpensive e-books and other products with a low price point. If you can’t afford a product that you’d really like to promote, don’t be shy about asking the affiliate manager for a review copy. You may not always get a positive response, but it’s worth it to ensure your recommendations are always solid and sincere. You are putting yourself and your reputation out there, so take some time to learn about the product.

A solid reputation

Do make a practice of being diligent in researching the products and companies you plan to recommend. A quick search should ensure that the products you are considering have a solid reputation for quality and customer service. You don’t want to erode the trust that others have placed in you by recommending those with questionable histories. If it’s a new product or company, and you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s likely best to pass unless you have a personal connection to the founders that assures you of their integrity.

Do they provide more than just a link to a sales page to help you promote the product?

A sales page might be a fine start if you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, but most newcomers need more promotion resources. Look for programs that provide you with graphics, sample emails, reprint articles and special reports. In other words, look for programs that provide marketing support and materials. They should want you to succeed in the promotion of their product. So reputable programs should have these tools available and a way to track your sales as well.

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