Make your goals & advertising work for you!

Welcome to the new year! 2006 will be the year that we can make a difference in our businesses! What are you going to do this year to make that happen?

People talk about goals and dreams all the time. Have you done yours? In order to be a success at your business, you need Measurable goals. Writing your goals down is great, but are they broken down into areas of action? How are you going to complete your goals and track the success? What is the time frame that you are going to accomplish this? Measurable makes you accountable and that equates success!

One thing that you can do for yourself is to promote your business differently this year. My friend, Kelly McCausey partnered up with Nicole Dean and created a Seminar on Article Marketing? What the heck is that, you ask? That is basically writing articles and sharing your knowledge by publishing articles on the net. Thousands of people look for articles daily to put on their websites for content. If it is yours, your link to your business site is included! What better way to advertise for the cost of some brain power and time?! Here is my affiliate link to check out their program. Easy Article Marketing Tons of information and bonuses are included!

Also on my website at Direct Sales Talk there are more resources for becoming focused and growing your business this year!

Have a Great, Prosperous Week