Using Online Parties With Your Home Party Plan

Online parties are a great alternative to a catalog party. Some direct sales companies have systems built into their back office for the reps to host online parties. There are companies that also have systems in place for a traditional party and a online ordering system for out of town guests as well.

These great systems really help the reps do everything they can for the hostess to be successful in their shows and to earn the maximum amount.

Great sales for the hostess is a plus for everyone involved. She will be willing to host again, we have increased sales and the company profits as well.

I love technology and the companies that allows their reps to promote and use these options. Making money and moving product is what its all about! WooHoo!

Fill that calendar

With most of the kids back in school now, its time to start thinking about fall and the holiday season. Now is the time to start getting that calendar filled.

Procrastination on this will come back and get you. We have approximately 3 solid months of pre season selling that we can do. Most direct sellers know that this is the prime season to really build your customer base and your sales for fall and Christmas.

Get on the phone and promote that great new catalog, hostess gifts and whatever else your company is offering. Don’t take a plain no either. Offer a book party, ask about fundraising or even ask for a referral.

It only takes 15 – 20 minutes a day. What are you waiting for?