Have You Given Up on Your Direct Sales Business?

Remember back when you first started your new direct sales business? All of the excitement and how pumped up you were? It was thrilling! Then the honeymoon phase wore off and you settled into working your business. You did some parties and started gaining customers. You were making money! Just what you wanted and you were so happy.

Then one day you realize that your bookings are getting tougher to find. Perhaps your sales are flattening out and your income is suffering. It can be so frustrating and really affect your feeling about your business. Self doubt starts to pop up in your head. Things start to irritate you about the business and soon you are looking around a different businesses thinking that it is the product or service you are offering.

The truth is you have given up on your direct sales business. You have given up on yourself.

Here is some reality about direct sales. No business is going to be perfect. You have to accept that fact. By changing from one business to another, you are not going to improve your business. It is not exactly the business that is the issue. It is the fact that you have to believe in you. How can you change that? How can you improve your business now?

* Embrace your business and be proud of it always
* Go to as many trainings as you can and get re-energized about your business
* Share your enthusiasm with everyone
* Look at how you work your business. Maybe changing a few things about how your run your business will open your eyes to more energizing methods.

Don’t give up on your dream because things may have gotten a bit stale. Take the time to look at what you want to do with your business, where you want it to take you and embrace your business. It can do the things you want it to do, you just need to believe in you!

Tips for Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday selling season is the biggest time for sales for most retailers and small businesses that sell giftable products. For those in the direct sales arena, it is a huge opportunity for you to be making big money! If you have not got your head in the game yet, what is holding you back? Get out there and sell!

We all have our normal sales that we tend to do on a regular basis. 3-4 parties a month XX amount of dollars in reorders. It is usually pretty stable for most people. Until the holidays come around! This is when you should be doing everything you can to increase your sales to new and current customers.
chritstmas gift on a tree
Here are some quick tips for increasing your sales this holiday season

* Have plenty of catalogs and business cards and hand them out to everyone! Get a call back number to call for the order.

* Call old customers you have not heard from in a while. Pitch them a special promotion for booking a show or buying product.

* Add on sales! Make sure you are asking everyone that is placing an order for an add on product. By adding on just 1 simple item that is related to their purchase can really increase your income.

* Do special bookings like basket parties, office parties, trunk shows, and any other creative ways your hostess can sell product for you.

* Offer baskets all ready to go. Guys hate to shop and these are perfect to target men. Offer several different price points and have them wrapped and ready.

* Do special offers on social media. If you have big followers on your Facebook or twitter sites, offer a special deal just for them.

* Hold online event parties on Facebook

* Set up at vendor shows and bring product to sell.

These are just a few that you can add to your sales offerings that will increase your sales. Be ready to sell at any given point and keep up the momentum through the holiday!

You Can be Shy and Still Network Your Business Successfully

Some people are scared of the networking process. Talk to them about speaking to strangers and they are panicking!

If you are naturally shy and the idea of going to a business function, shaking hands with strangers and making small talk makes you sweat and scared, it’s okay! Here is a news flash! You don’t have to go to an actual business event to network. There are opportunities to meet new people in everyday situations that you can utilize. Heck, you are probably already networking and don’t even realize it. But check out the following tips to help you network, even if you are shy.

Friends and Family
Many of you tends to hesitate to go to friends and family when you need help with your business. But these are the people that are rooting for you and probably would love to help you succeed. Ask your friends and family to spread the word about your business and the services you offer. Let them know you are not expecting them to buy anything from you; just put in a good word about your business to others. In return, treat them to something special from your inventory or a discount if you can.

You may talk to you neighbors casually from time to time or maybe your best friends. Talking to your neighbors about your business is an excellent outlet or networking and marketing. They may know someone who is looking for your services and in a small town or neighborhood, word of mouth is an excellent way to recommend others.

People You Know Because of Your Children
If you have children, This is the perfect networking opportunity. If you have an infant, you may want to consider joining an exercise group for new mothers. If your child is a bit older, you probably find yourself at the park several times a week. And if your child is in school, you are surrounded by other parents on a daily basis.

as you get to know other parents, take the time to get to know them and let them also know about your services. You can trade resources and offer to tell others you know about their business and they can do the same for you. The next time these parents need someone who offers the type of services you offer, they will think of you.

Volunteer Groups
Volunteering will make you feel good, and it can also help grow your business. You will be meeting lots of people that have a common interest and they will be interested in you and what you do for a living.

Sharing with others about your business does not have to be hard or scary. Networking is all about sharing common resources and cross promoting each other. If you care enough about others and their business, they will do the same for you. No Shyness involved!