Tips For Determining Your Target Market in Direct Sales

You may think that having a successful business is based around how much marketing or advertising you do or how well you handle customer service, or multiple other reasons. Would you be surprised to learn that having a profitable business can simply come down to determining what your target market wants and what their needs are?

What is a Target Market? Your target market is the group of people that you should be marketing your products and services to. Not everyone will want to buy your product as no product is right for everyone. So if you think that everyone is a candidate for your product, you are mistaken.

To be successful, you will need to determine what your target market wants and needs, and then you will want to provide it for them. If you happen to be in your target market, you are off to a good start. You can start thinking about the things you want.

Now, if you are not directly a part of your target market, you can start off by putting yourself in their shoes. What do you think they would want? Picture yourself living a day in their life and imagine what types of products or services could make their lives easier.

Think of things like:
* Disposable Income
* Age Group
* Usability – how and why the product would be used
* Is the product for males and females? Children?
* Location
* Family dynamics

And so on… These types of questions will help you break down exactly who would be best fitted to your product and be open to using it.

Another great tactic is to study the competition. Look at other products that are aimed at your target market and compare your products or services. What features and benefits can you offer that will give you an edge over the competition?

You can also simply ask your target market what they want. You can create a form on your website that asks some basic questions about their needs and what they would like to see in the type of product or service you offer. Start asking your visitors or the people on your mailing list to fill out the questionnaire.

These tips will help you find out exactly what your target market wants and needs. Once you have that data, you can focus which product or service will work best to fill their needs. These is especially helpful if your direct sales product line is large.

Now start your marketing efforts to your new target market and see what a difference it will make in your sales.

Tips to Create Your Business Brand

Regardless of what type of business you are in creating a business brand is an important part of being a success. With a brand, you are creating the image that your customers will think of when they think of your business. Your brand is an integral part of your business identity and it tells the world who you are and what you do. It can be scary and tough to find the perfect brand, but here some tips to help you create your brand.

Start with asking some hard questions:

* Who are you?
* How is your product or service different?
* How does this product or service help others?
* Who cares about this product or service?

The answers to these questions can tell you a lot about how you feel about your business and can help you communicate your thoughts and feelings to the world. This exercise can also help you narrow down your ideas and help you determine which ones make the most sense.

The next step is to write out your mission statement for your business. Your mission statement is a written description of your business and what you plan to do. For instance, if you are an event planner, you may have a mission statement such as, “Our mission is to help people plan fun, creative, cost-effective events”.

Once you have your mission statement, branch out from there with ideas that tie into your statement. Using the above example, it is obvious that you want to be known for planning very festive, creative events that are also affordable.

Next, you can work on how to incorporate that statement into your logo and slogan. Some possible slogans could be, “Planning fun and creative events on a budget”, or, “Fun and creative events that don’t break the bank.” When it comes to your logo, you may want to have something in bright colors or a whimsical design to communicate the fact that your business is about having fun and being creative.

Using your mission statement and your logo ideas, these become a part of your new brand. Your next step will be to start establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Using the above example, you could start writing how-to articles and special reports, and even start giving speeches or teaching seminars that provide information on planning events that are fun, creative, and cost-effective.

Now this process is not something that is going to work overnight, obviously, but if you stick to your marketing of your brand and gradually widening your presence, you will start to notice that others will see you as their go-to person when they are in need of your service or product. This, in turn, will bring in new business and those critical repeat customers.

Marketing Your Company Using Professional Product Reviewers

Building your business in a struggling market can seem like a daunting job, especially with hundreds of other direct sales reps and companies vying for the attention. With an online business, there is a great method that you can find useful to get your name out to the crowds easily and relatively quickly. It is called Product Reviews.

There are hundreds of product review blogs in the online world that are willing to review an item that is sent to them. In turn, they will post about your product and your business which will bring you valuable backlinks and promotion. One such blog that will handle direct sales products is Two Classy Chics.

There are a few things that you need to check for before randomly contacting a review blogger. You want to look for a professional product reviewer, not someone that does it casually. Here is what to look for:

1) Check out their site and read the reviews they post. Make sure they are detailed and give proper links to the sponsor. The review should be more than a paragraph or a few sentences and should have at least 2-3 backlinks.

2) Check and see how many reviews they have written. Look for their followers and make sure they have written a lot of reviews before yours and they have a lot of followers.

3) Check to see if the reviews they have written are in similar product lines like your product. If you are looking at a mom blog that deals in organic diapers mainly, your beauty or kitchen items might not get the right attention.

4) Ask what the turn around is. Ask them if they will promote your review at all and if so, how. Ask them if they ever remove reviews or links… they should not.

5) See if they also host giveaways. Giveaways of additional product will give you a lot of traffic to your site and can create a lot of interest if it is run properly. You can use it to gain new followers to your social media sites which means you can then market directly to them.

Using product reviews and giveaways can really work to help kick off your marketing effort. It can bring your new followers to your social media accounts and create some excitement.

If you have a product you would like to market, check out my review and giveaway blog at Two Classy Chics to see how I can help your business.