Is your store open for business?

One of the downfalls of a direct sales business is that fact that sometimes it is hard to see an item that your customer may be interested in purchasing. Describing said item may not fulfill her expectations and you could lose a sale.

Now some reps are able to carry display items and I usually sold more of an item that someone could touch, feel and test. If there was something I thought was a great deal, a fabulous idea or just had a great feeling about it, I would buy extra and sell out of my inventory.

One of the most important things we have to use as direct sellers is our store.

What? You don’t have a store?

Sure you do. It is your catalog. In this down market, your catalog, your store, needs to be your best friend. If you are not investing in books or mini mailers to pass out and samples when you can, you are missing a key part of being successful in direct sales.

Oh I know what you are thinking. They are expensive! But lets look at the alternative. If you are not passing out books, how can you expect to continue to grow your business? This is a form of advertising and it is critical to your business. People need to know what you sell. If they are interested in a particular item, you can use your store to show them. If you can get your hands on a sample or a tester of the product, do so. The extra mile will work in your favor. I have been even known to order the item and accept returns if does not meet their standards.

If you are not willing to go the extra mile, spend a bit more on your business, then how can you expect people to just buy from you because you ask? Tangible items work, even if it is just a catalog or mini mailer.

Hey and don’t forget to have your contact info on there! I mean really.. Nothing should leave your hands without it. Its kind of hard to place an order when the rep doesn’t care enough to maintain her store. You may have given away business to your competition as well. I have picked up other reps catalogs and checked for their info. If it was not on there, guess what? My info got placed on the back. Sorry girls. All’s fair in love and business. Don’t let your business walk out the door and into the comptetition. But then that’s a story for another day.