How to Start Cold Marketing

Starting any cold marketing program will require a bit of planning in the forefront.  One of the first things you must identify is who will be your target market.  You certainly do not want to waste time contacting those businesses or potential clients that would have no need for your services or products.

You need to sit down and make a list of ways to use your product then who uses your product and why.  This will get you working towards the ultimate target.

From this list you are going to figure out what businesses in your community or surrounding communities are going to be targeted for this project.

Next post will be on what tools you will need.


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Warm and Cold Marketing

If you are in Direct Sales you most likely know what warm calling is.  When you first started your business, your recruiter probably asked you to make a list of the people you were going to contact about your business.  This is known as your warm market. People you know and are in contact with somehow or another.

Cold Calling is the opposite.  You do not know these people and don’t even know if they are interested in your goods or services.  Since we are not able to “call” anyone any more And calling is not the most effective method with Direct Sales, we are going to call it Cold marketing.

I am going to give you some tips and encouragement along the way to help you will learning how to cold market. Help you select the right people to cold market to and be most effective.

Sounds scary but a little exciting??  It can be exciting!  It is a challenge to go out of your comfort zone and talk to strangers.  We were taught to not talk to strangers and this “stranger” right here is telling us to do that. YIKES!

I know!  I Know! People tell me I’m nuts a lot! LOL!

Stay tuned for a few mini lessons and you will learn to become comfortable enough to embrace a few strangers!  LOL (not literally!)


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