EZ Display for Crafters and Direct Sellers

I had the chance to do a review on a brand new tool for crafters, indie business owners, direct sellers in a party plan or anyone that uses shows, fairs, festivals, street shows, etc of any kind.

The EZDisplay is an awesome tool that will make your sales life easier. Swing on by the site my post is on and read my review. There is a contest going on as well! The company is going to Give Away a display to a lucky winner!

Check it out and enter to win as well!! Product Review & Giveaway for EZ Display

Gearing up for the Spring Shows

2008 is almost in the bag and that means that the Spring shows are right around the corner.

What are you working on for spring to entise your buyers?

What is going to show beautifully that a shopper has to have?

What is unique in the marketplace that will have buyers flocking to your display with cash in hand?

The answer to this is inside you. I know it sounds crazy. But people will buy what is beautiful, different and definately what is displayed wonderfully. When you go shopping at the store you will see the same types of things over and over. But the one you buy is usually the one that is displayed in a special way.

I don’t have the answer as to what the next hot trend will be. I do see a lot of exquisite work, recycled items and natural items. The run of the mill purchased things are going by the wayside, unless they are priced cheap.

Take some time to develop your display for spring. what can you do that is different and unique? Lets get creative! But most of all, Have Fun!

Decorating Your Booth and Tables

Some people say that they do not have an eye for decorating.  And I actually do believe that.  So if you are one of them but need to have an attractive display as well, know that there are ways to get that beautiful eye catching display.

One way is to take pictures of your display.  It is easy to tell from a picture what is missing.  Is an area flat looking or is everything the same height?  Is the color scheme jumbled and unattractive?   Does the tablecloth take over and hide your product line?

These are questions that you need to ask and look for.

Another way is to ask for help.  Set your display up before you go to the show and ask a friend to look at it.  Once it is set in the way that you like, Take a picture and then you can remember what it looked like. These is where a show journal comes in handy.  I know that I have done shows that I wished I had pictures of my display because it came out Awesome looking and it is hard to set it the same each time.  Also booths change from show to show depending on how much space you get, etc.

Know someone at the show?   Ask them for tips and advise.  You know that everyone has an opinion.  All you have to do it ask for it!

Have fun!