Insurance for Craft Shows

I had a great question posted on one of my blogs regarding insurance coverage for shows. I thought I would share the question and answer for you as well.

I’m getting in festivals and art fairs. I’m going to become a dealer (edited) and design a catchy looking display. One thing I questions is insurance. Do you have to have liability insurance for your show? If so, where do I get it?

Insurance will depend on the type of show that you attend. Many small shows do not require insurance, but most of the bigger shows do. If you are going to do a lot of shows, then you would want to get a separate policy for your business. Most shows require $1 million liability payable to the show coordinators and/or owners and you can find local brokers that can sell it.
If you only plan on doing a few shows a year, having a separate policy may not be worth it. Your homeowners insurance will write you a $1 mill rider for $25 or so but that is for each day of the show. So if you are attending a 2-3 day show, the fees will add up quickly.

Hope this helps~