Looking for a Show or Expo

If you are looking for a craft show or vendor expo to display your goods at but have no idea where to start to find one, here is a list of a few good places to start.

* your local Chamber of Commerce – usually has knowledge of whats happening and coming up.

* The local paper – you can do a search online for towns around you.  Sometimes the promoters advertise that they are looking for vendors or they start advertising the show ahead of time for max exposure.

* Ask friends that do shows – they usually have knowledge of what is upcoming.

* Go online.  CraftLister and CraftMasterNews are a few examples of listing services.

* County Fairs – While they cost a lot more, it maybe worth checking it out if you hav the time and proper type products.

* Farmers Markets/ Flea Markets – some towns have very extensive open air markets. It may be worth a browse or two to see if it would be viable for your product.