Being Unique

Being unique in the craft show arena is a huge plus. Don’t be afraid to put your most interesting and different things out there for the world to see. What we are looking for is a niche.

I have talked before about making your booth, your product and anything else different if you are selling an item that is very popular. We all know that there are tons of candles out there. How are you diffferenciating yourself from the pack? Same goes for Jewelry. Do you make one thing super well and the rest ok? Then focus on the super awesomeness of the one you do.

Fancy up your labels, bags and displays. Consider having a vinyl banner made from a sign company if you are going to do a lot of shows.

    No handwritten signs please! Remember you are a professional and this really detracts from that.

Take a close look at your line and see what you can change to target in on a niche.

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Using Craft Type Shows in Your DS Business

Are you interested in growing your business? Have you checked out the local markets like street fairs; farmers markets and festivals in your towns?

If you haven’t you are missing a huge method in contacting your local customers!

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