One Thing Not to do When Creating Ads for Your Direct Sales Business

There have been many trends over the years that I have seen regarding ads written expressly for recruiting on the internet as well as off line for Direct Sales downlines. The verbiage in the ads that concerns me is the one that uses the word “Hiring”.

This to me is a very dangerous tactic and has many implications to the job seeker. Most importantly, it is implying that a person that is looking for a job would actually be paid by the business owner of the said Direct Sales Company or Multi Level Company.

Now, most of us know that this is not the case. Hiring is a state of employment where you as an employee collect a check, may get benefits and work specific hours per week. In Direct Sales, this is most certainly not the case. We pay to start our business, either by buying into a business in a box or creating our own business with the sweat of our brow. We are not employees of any Direct Sales company and using recruiting methods that imply that we are “hiring” you to start a business is very misleading.

The results of “hiring” someone to start their business in your team will be that your new team mate may not take their business seriously. They may expect to be fed leads and to continue to be fed. They will be missing the entrepreneurial spirit and a few additional things may happen. They may end up not being with your team very long or just not be the best partner in the long run. Will that really be their fault? Maybe yes, maybe no. I guess it will depend on the leadership and training that they receive.

I think it is safe to say one should avoid using the term’ “hiring” in any direct sales ads. You could be opening yourself up to issues that you don’t need and I am pretty sure that the Home Company involved wouldn’t care for it either. It opens them up to a host of issues and you could be dropped and lose your own business. Keep your ads clean, simple and honest and you will not run into any gray areas that could, in fact, cause you to be misleading and perceived improperly.

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