Is Direct Sales and MLM Business for Men Too?

I am a member of many forums and boards that are direct sales focused. Often the topic comes up that has to do with men in a direct sales business or MLM. Many times the question has to do with finding a male focused business that a husband would want to join. Do you realize how many men are involved with direct sales?

When I was selling Avon, we had many leaders and reps that sold for us. Personally, I had 2 in my downline and worked often with another male rep. They are usually successful and work the business hard. Men in direct sales and MLM business are plentiful and even if you are in a women focused business such as a beauty line, do not hesitate to talk to men about joining your business.

Here are Some Differences with Direct Sales and MLM Business for Men

* Men look at how the business is run – not necessarily on what the product is.
* Men look at compensation plans and return on investment
* Men look for businesses that can relate to anyone they know
* Men sell differently than women and usually do well regardless of who they talk to
* Men have great leadership skills
Is Direct Sales and MLM Business for Men Too?
Having a business that can work for anyone in the family is a plus. That is one of the reasons that my family chose to be with Jerky Direct through our site The target market is large and yet it is an easy sell of a consumable product. My husband can take it to gun shows, while I can take it to a craft show. My son can sell it at school and I can hold a fundraiser. The opportunities are endless.

Adding men to your direct sales business is a smart idea. There are many families I know in the business that are growing together as a unit. A few in the coffee business, several in the card business, many in the health business, and loads in the jerky business! Some break the business into sections – one works sales and promotions while the other works training and leadership. Whatever works for you and your business is smart!

Are you looking for something a man could join, promote, and sell easily? Check out my business. We would love to have you join us and start making money today!

What I Look For When Selecting A Direct Sales Business

I have been in direct sales a long time. Heck, I have been in sales of some sort my entire working career so I get kind of picky when it comes to searching for a new direct sales business. I love being in direct sales and I was looking, so I thought I would share what I look for when I check out a company. What will it take for me to join?? Will it help you? Maybe, maybe not.

=> Longevity – Yes, I am different, but you all knew that! The newest hottest thing on the block can be a flash in the pan. It takes a lot for a direct sales company to get off the ground. I have seen many crash and burn and I don’t want to be in that. I will watch and determine if it is for me at a later point.

=> Easy systems – I do not want to have to get a math degree to figure out how I will be paid or to learn how to manipulate the system so I get paid the most. Give me the facts, how I order, where I order and let me get to selling. Reading a slew of info just to try and figure out a system is money lost… I am not selling when I am trying to figure out your stuff.

=> Minimal Fees – I have enough business expenses. I do not need to pay for websites and a ton of supplies to get into business

=> Product that is Consumable and Easy to Sell to People I know – I have hear many people say “the product sells itself” Well, no it doesn’t. You still have to intro it to people and they have to want it. The people in my town must want to buy it. If they cannot afford it, neither will many others.

=> Product and Business is Easy to Explain to Others – If I need a translator to explain a business to someone, it is not for me. People I talk to want the facts, pure and simple. If I have to BS someone to join my business or buy my product, they will not stay so it is time wasted. I sell to those that want the product and want a simple business so they can do what I do.

=> A Business That Does Not Cost a Fortune to Join – Paying hundreds of dollars to join a business is not my idea of a good deal. I don’t want to have to carry inventory if I don’t want to. I want to make money now!

=> Something My Whole Family Can be Involved With – Wouldn’t That be Awesome??

=> Multiple Ways to Sell – Are there restriction on how I can sell this? Can I go to fairs or sell on the internet? Are there territories? I want to be able to sell how and where I want to. Fundraising too!

Does this business even exist? Yes, it does and I am thrilled to have brought it to my family. I call it JerkyOnTheGo and it is a part of Jerky Direct; a plain and simple business built on the core principles I mentioned above.

Super simple product line, easy pricing strategy that everyone can afford and something that anyone, anywhere can do. It is not easy to impress me, but this business model certainly has. Since 2005, this company has been flying below the radar but consistently growing and providing a healthy natural product that is delicious. And only $12 to get started!

If you are looking for something like this… check it out or drop me a line. I think you will be happy to keep a business plain and simple too so you can be doing what needs to be done … Selling Product and Making Money!

Direct Sales Party Plan Bookings Tips

I don’t care how long you have been in a direct sales business, we all run dry on bookings now and then. If you are someone that needs help occasionally keeping your calendar full, then you have to check this post out. It contains some tips for some bookings you can get right now, but it also includes information to Deb Bixler’s new course that is rolling out at her Direct Sales Booking University.

Direct Sales Party Plan Bookings Tips

Deb Bixler is a BOOKINGs expert. She used her party plan business to quit her full time job over 10 years ago and has become the go to person for bookings training. This week a new (free) course is rolling out at her website the CashFlowShow direct sales resource center.

The Direct Sales Bookings University is the most comprehensive training ever to hit the party plan – direct sales industry.

The FREE version is launching this week! So, check it out and fill your party plan calendar!

Bookings Tips

It is a bit early to think about the holidays but in is never to early to make plans for more bookings. Here are a few tips that have been around before but worth refreshing now and then because sometimes we forget! Some great tips for year round bookings!

Tap the Male Market

Think of opportunities that you may have to do unique shows. Whenever there is an opportunity to provide a service to men to assist them with shopping it is a win-win.

Most men need to buy anniversary, birthday and holiday gifts for the many women in their lives. When you provide the gift-giving service for men, you are opening up a whole new market. It can be live shows, catalog shows or just individual orders.

Men are a terrific market because they are not afraid to spend money on the women they love, whether it is their wives, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, or all of the above.

Home Parties For Men

You could have a football party, or basketball show, or some other type of male gathering show. I have had great success with this type of show. Pick a show date that coincides with a sports event that the men are already gathering together for. Then, you should distribute lots of catalogs ahead of time. In advance of the show the host will need a catalog for each guy coming to the show, plus some for friends not coming as well.

Host coach him to have the guys circulate the catalogs around among the women in their lives before the show. The women can then mark down their choices. You show up on the appointed day and gather up the orders. Sometimes it is effective to ask if the guys want to see anything special that their wives or Moms may have marked off. Most of the time an actual show is not necessary at all. (I do prepare a quick snack for them.)

Catalog Shows Boost Holiday Party Sales

A men’s catalog show is another terrific way to boost your sales. I have found that frequently this is a last-minute order in December. Sometimes the gifts got to them just the day before Christmas, but that was cool. There is nothing wrong with some “gravy” for the holiday commission check. Catalog shows are gravy, you know!! The gift-wrapping service is usually appreciated here if you can have the products delivered to you for wrapping, then you can deliver them to the host.

Clean Out the Basement Direct Sales

I have always liked this one. Just invite some last-minute male shoppers over to your house to shop from your inventory of product that you earned or accumulated and stored in your basement. It is strictly cash-and-carry shopping. Wrap it on the spot and send them off happy.

Direct Sales Gift Wrapping Service

A nice service or perk would be to provide a gift-wrapping service, although this is not necessary. It only works well if you do not have to run all over town to deliver products. Men love the service of getting a nicely wrapped gift for their girl! My UPS man comes here every year for his wife’s birthday and Christmas gifts.

The Direct Sales Bookings University
The Direct Sales Bookings University is the most comprehensive training ever to hit the party plan – direct sales industry.

The FREE version is launching this week! So, check it out and fill your party plan calendar!