Getting your advertising dollars working for you

I have had several advertisers with me since the inception of Direct Sales Talk. Now these ladies know that their advertising dollars are working hard for them. WHY? Because they have not been hasty to remove their ads after 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. These ladies have been with me for over 2 yrs.

They have been maximizing their advertising dollars!

Business people in the know know that advertising doesn’t work quickly. It is a numbers game. It is name recoginition, over and over again.

Don’t be hasty in your advertising. Let the ad work for you. Refresh it now and again. But keep it where it can do the most work for the least amount of hassle. It will repay you time and time again!

Now… Are looking for a new business or want to change something in your work at home career? consider signing up with these leaders in their industry….

Evelyn Kevitz with Lia Sophia Jewelry and
Mitzi Keithly with Southern Living at Home

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How to Start Cold Marketing

Starting any cold marketing program will require a bit of planning in the forefront.  One of the first things you must identify is who will be your target market.  You certainly do not want to waste time contacting those businesses or potential clients that would have no need for your services or products.

You need to sit down and make a list of ways to use your product then who uses your product and why.  This will get you working towards the ultimate target.

From this list you are going to figure out what businesses in your community or surrounding communities are going to be targeted for this project.

Next post will be on what tools you will need.


Direct Sales Talk

Direct mailings and your Direct Sales business

Have you ever mailed out flyers or special mailings to your customers? If you have, then you have been involved in direct mailings.

Direct Mailing is an effective way to capture your audience and increase your sales with targeted ads to those that are interested in your products.

Postcards are a great tool to use with direct mailings.  A great image and a snappy, short offer directing the reader to your website or a phone number for information is all you need.  Fr’ee product offers or gift with purchase is a good catch as well.  Make sure that you have a special landing page on your site just for the mailing, so you can track the incoming hits and know whether it is working for you.

If you use an auto responder, hopefully you are capturing physical mailing addresses as well as email address.  Using a list that you already know is interested in your product is a sure fire way to get your name back in front of these potential customers.

Postcards are inexpensive and dang near a best bet to have someone read your message.  Envelopes with a letter are more expensive to send and the person has to actually open the letter for it to be effective.

Look at your customers list and your autoresponder list and get a direct mailing campaign going this week.  Follow it up in a week or two with another mailing. 

What to offer for an online business?  A Special report; a gift with purchase; a newsletter on a special topic; a special sale for mailing customer only.  The sky is the limit!

Enjoy!  Chris