Tips for Using a Blog in Your Direct Sales Business

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I know that a lot of direct sellers do not bother with a blog or website in their business. I think a lot of them believe that because their local business is doing fine, there is no reason to pay attention to the online portion of their business. Unless the company gives you a website long with the consultant set up, I often wonder how many people add a separate site for their business. I think the percentage is quite low and that is a mistake.

There are many reasons for adding a separate website/blog to your direct sales business. Here are some of my tips for using a blog or website in your direct sales business.

1) You can capture new customers emails and add them to your email list. If you ever decided to change companies, you lose your email list that has been added through your consultant site. By using a website geared for your business, you can route all shopping through your personal website/blog site, including email sign ups. That is very valuable.

2) Add content to your site with blogging tips and tricks about your product line. This is a value added service that can bring in additional new customers and a place to direct current customers and even team mates for ideas and tips.

3) Promotional information can be shared. New hostesses promo’s, kit information, new product launches can all be added to your site with a blog post announcement. Email blasts send the reader to your site for the information.

4) Reach new customers and team mates with a strong online presence. Customers and direct sales consultants want to know that the person that they are working with a professional and know their business. Having a well thought out and strong online presence, you will attract the customers and team members you are looking to add to your business.

5) Use the site for training purposes. If you choose to have a wordpress site, you can actually have separate sections just for your team training articles. This can be a category, page or even private area of your site. Keep everything under one roof for easy access and workability.

I am sure there are more great reasons, but these 5 come to mind directly. Expanding your customer base and team by using a blog for your website is a strong reason to add one to your direct sales business. Need help? I can help with blog installs, management and writing too. Ask me for help with your business blog.

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How to Use a Newsletter in Your Direct Sales Business

If you have been in direct sales very long, chances are you may have heard the saying “the money is in the list”. Having a list in any business and especially a work at home business, is something that you should consider instituting if you do not have one yet. If you have never had a newsletter in your business yet, here are some tips on the proper way to use and grow your newsletter list for the best results.

1) Set up your list by using a reputable service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. They are affordable and even free for growing lists.

2) Offer everyone the opportunity to join your email list. Every party you do and every show you set up at, have a sign up list for them. Every customer that you have should be asked it they want to be added to your list.

3) Never add someone to your list without their permission. If someone emails you for information, this does not give you the right to add them to your list. They have to request it and should double opt in – meaning click on an approval link in their email so they approve your emails.

4) offer them something of value for signing up. On your blog, you can offer a free report or tips sheet regarding your products as a thank you.

5) Don’t overwhelm your readers with too many emails. Once a week is plenty and most people expect them 1-2 times a month.

6) Offer tips, tricks, and product information for your readers. Do not make your newsletter only about “buy from me”. You need to offer value or your readers will be unsubscribing quickly.

By offering a value to your “list”, your customers will be reminded of you each time you send an email. This encourages additional sales and development of your business. Plus your list will go with you anywhere you go! Move to a new company or add something new, your list will be the first to know.

If you haven’t started a newsletter for your direct sales business, now is the perfect time.

How to Be Unique in Your Direct Sales Business

Direct sales has many, many plus’s that make it a desirable business to choose versus a traditionally built small business. Just in systems alone, the savings is huge by choosing a direct sales business. Millions of people choose direct sales as their business of choice and experience a satisfying one. The one thing that I get asked a lot here is about how to be unique in your direct sales business – to separate yourself from the pack. Lets look at a some options that may help your business.

If you are seeing your business as one in a million, then why not make it truly one in a million?

There are so many different ways to make your business unique from all of the other consultants that may be in your area. One of the first things I tell people is to stop trying to be like all of the rest. Each person runs their business they way it works for you. What works for me may not work for you.

Another way to set yourself apart is to see what other consultants are doing right and not so right and work your business around that. I had a lot of competition in my neighborhood for one of my businesses but as I found new customers, I kept hearing one underlying issue. Some of the other consultants were sporadic on orders; others were slow on delivery and were not consistent at all. So my focus of my business became to be better at customer service and lock in those unhappy customers of the previous consultants. I made sure my orders went in and were delivered at a specific time. My re-order rate was large and my customer base continued to grow by doing better where others lacked.

Focus on the parts of your business you love and become an expert. If your business offers many different ways to sell product, or there is a certain line that you love to sell, then focus on the positives and really make that a major part of your business. I know several ladies with large businesses that love to fund raise and they built the main portion of their business on fundraisers. Their fundraising customers became regular customers and consultants and each year their business just grew from that one stream of sales. Of course, they continued to offer the traditional methods as well, but they say what you focus on is what you will attain.

Finally, just be you. If you know your business well and you are getting out from behind the computer, talking one on one with people, your business cannot help but be unique. You are unique and not like any other the others out there. Keep passing out catalogs, talking with people online and offline – yes, both! – and booking shows.

It will happen! You have to keep the faith and work for it.