5 Ideas for Immediate Sales in Your Direct Sales Business

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I think we have all been there a time or two. A hiccup in your cash flow can cause big problems with not only the household situation but also your direct sales business. If you are finding yourself and your business in need of immediate cash flow, check out these 5 ideas to help generate immediate sales.

I think that having a direct sales business is the best type of business to have. You are in control of a business that can generate immediate cash no matter where you are or what you are doing. Give these ideas a try.

1) Book a Party – Find a friend to host it and get on the phone to hold it. Make it fun like pie and coffee at a local restaurant and you will get people there. Got cash and carry products? Bring it all!

2) Have a Clearance Sale – List out all of your products on hand and e-mail out flyers. Get on the phone and call customers to tell them about the sale. Make sure to offer a special deal that each customer will love.

3) Hold a Mystery Party – Host your own party and choose one lucky winner in attendance to be the mystery hostess. She/He will get all of the benefits of hosting the party such as discounts on hostess items, etc. It is fun and you can be really creative.

4) Hold an Open House – Let the folks come to you to shop. Sell your on hand goods and take orders for new products. These work great during holidays or for special events.

5) Hold an Online Party – Harness the power of the internet and hold an online party on Facebook. Create an event and leave it open for 3-7 days. Make sure to invite everyone and have lots of specials and fun deals for your customers.

Creating immediate cash flow is not hard when you think about it. Use one of these ideas to boost your income and maybe it will become a regular event for you.

Welcome Every Order With Gratitude

There are many reps that I have met through the years in direct sales that have issues with the size of orders that they receive. I have heard some complaining that their party was only XX amount or that a customer places a very small order. While we are in business to make money, I welcome every order with thanks and gratitude. What I have learned in my years in direct sales and corporate sales is that every order, no matter the size, makes a difference.
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When you accept a order with grace and thanks, you are opening the door for that customer to come back to you time and again. While their orders may be small, over time frequent orders from the same person will add up to one large order (or More) from one or more other people. I love to have return customers as that truly shows that you give great service and they like you enough to continue to buy from you and maybe even receommend you to others.

Personally, I think that if you are negative about your orders, your orders will start to slow down, you will have booking difficulties and you can watch your business get harder to work.

Be thankful and gracious with every order and enjoy a healthy, happy business for many years to come. What do you think? Do you practice gratitude in your business?

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6 of My Best Tips for Direct Sales Professionals

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Direct sales is a multi billion dollar business and for those that have chosen direct sales as their business of choice, building a strong business with as many income producing streams as possible is the goal. Continually working on improving your business is the key to long term success. You never stop learning. I am often asked for my best tips when it comes to this business so I thought I would share my top 6 best tips for a direct sales business.

Here they are in no particular order:

1) Always be prepared – this business is a business that can go anywhere at any time and you never know when you will meet someone that wants your business information. Be prepared with business cards, a pen and paper to get their contact info and catalogs. Business is anywhere you look so keep your eyes open.

2) Never be afraid or ashamed of your business and what you do – Many people do not understand the beauty of a direct sales business so be proud of your business. Look for those that are interested in your business and disregard the naysayers.

3) Remember you are a business owner – Dress and act the part. If you are a professional and show your enthusiasm for your business, others will treat you as such.

4) Always ask for the sale – Some people need to be reminded that you sell product. Never be afraid to ask for the sale and booking. You will close more sales if you just ask. Never assume that they will purchase on their own.

5) Focus on selling product– Direct sales is a great way to have cash in your pocket all of the time. If you need money, have a party or sell inventory. Selling product is important for every consultant, no matter what level you are in the company.

6) Set a goal and work towards it daily– Setting goals is a way to keep your business on track. Without a monetary goal and a team building goal, you will flounder. Goals will help you reach further and challenge your self and your business. Try daily, monthly and yearly goals so you always have something to work towards.

These 6 tips are things to remember at all times in your business. They may seem simple and be a no brainer, but I promise they will take you far in your direct sales business.