Organize Your Direct Sales and Work at Home Business with The Busy

Working at home is not all it is cracked up to be. This is such a true statement especially if you have just started on the path to financial independence through a work at home or direct sales business. It can be very hard to get yourself, your family and your business on the same page when it comes to scheduling everything in. And staying on track is difficult too. We have all been there!!

Here is an answer that is sure to please and help you with your crazy life. The Busy Woman.

The Busy Woman is the original source for personal time management tracking systems through the Busy Woman Daily Planner. Since 1990, The Busy has been saving our sanity with time management sheets and organizational tools to help us with our business and home life.

I have known Susie Glennan for years. I love her dedication and method to help keep us on track of our lives. Susie has created tools just for Direct Sales professional that will help you perfect and plan your business around your busy lifestyle.

She has created the Direct Sales Party Tips & Ideas E-Booklet© that is loaded with tips and ideas on how to book that party and have fun too! Susie is a veteran direct sales party girl and has published this book just for you, the direct sales pro. It is an awesome value and something that you should incorporate into your direct sales business.

The Busy Woman also has a full section of time management sheets dedicated to the direct sales pro as well. These include sheets like contact pages, booking pages, prospecting, mileage and more. Definitely a plus in keeping our business on track.

What I love about this system is that you can grab sheets from the direct sales section and incorporate other home management sheets, holiday sheets, exercise sheets, devotional sheets or anything else that will keep you, your family life and your business life on track in one easy notebook. Susie has thought of everything and has developed it with you in mind. I love this!

Need help? Susie has created a quiz of sorts, the Personality Based Time Management ebook to help you find out what type personality you are: A Compulsive; A Casual; B Motivated; B Messy. Use that to find the organizational strategies and systems that will work best for for you.

Also available on The Busy Woman site are articles, ebooks, audio and full planner sets – anything and everything to keep you going. Check out their blog in the site for tips and info on the best way to use the systems for your best results. And sign up for their newsletter to keep up with new pages and items that are added to the site too.

Swing by The Busy Woman and take a look at what Susie has created with you in mind. I know that you and your direct sales or work at home business will love what it can do you for you! And best of all? It is super affordable!