Direct Sales – How A Ghostwriter Can Help With Your Marketing Campaign

If you have a home business with one of the direct sales companies, it is very important to have an online business presence. One of the ways you can market your business online is to hire an affordable ghostwriter. Here is what an experienced ghostwriter can do for you.

1. write professionally written newsletters that you can email out to all of your party hosts, customers, downline team, etc. This will free up your time to work on other aspects of your Direct Sales Business.

2. write professionally written blog posts for you and post them to your blog. He/She can write them directed towards your niche, keyword load them and properly do the keyword linking so that your blog posts rank high in search engine results.

3. write expertly written articles for you that pertain to your niche. You will submit these articles with your own resource author’s box on them to various online article directories, web sites, other blogs, etc. Article marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your business web site.

4. write business advertisements for you to use in your email marketing campaign, classified ads, etc.

5. write expertly written web site content for you to post to your business web site on just about any topic that you would need.

As you can see an experienced ghostwriter can do a lot to help you market your business online. He/She can write newsletter content, blog content, web site content, articles and ad copy to help free up your time for other business tasks.

Shelly Hill Co-Owns The Two Classy Ghostwriting Chics with her business partner Chris Carroll. You can find their online web site at Two Classy Ghostwriting Chics .
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Change is Good

We are only 8 days into the New Year and I have already added a fabulous new project to my plate that I am so excited about. I have to admit, this past year, I have only really focused on one of my many avenues that I normally work on. This year is different.

Through my work, I have found that I really love writing and have expanded a lot into different types of writing. I used to write a lot when I was younger and also did quite a bit of article writing in the past. Now I have rekindled that flame and I am taking it to a new level. Well, several new levels.

I am continuing to expand my work to provide a valuable service to direct sales people, small business owners and really, any online marketer. My partner and I have opened a ghostwriting site called Two Classy Ghostwriting Chics. I am so delighted!

Ghostwriting is such a fun avenue to go down. You can be a creative as you want to be and be a busy as you want to be yet help others at the same time. It is a awesome business for me to develop and test my abilities and even stretch my abilities. We are focusing on our niche areas of direct sales and small business along with marketing, social media, blogging and others while writing Articles, Business ads, Blog posts and much more.

I am loving it so much and cannot wait to find what else the new year will bring! I already have more plans popping this week!