Local Happenings on the 4th

Each year I go down to the local parade in town and happenings and it is usally ok.  This yr the parade was extremely well attended. I wonder if less people went out of town because of the gas prices.  Regardless, the amount of booths set up was about the same as usual however there were more craft booths and home based businesses there,  I was pleasantly surprised and happy.

There was this fabulous handmade, wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain pottery creator there.  Wow,  What wonderful colors, textures and creations he had.  He is local to me, but I had never seen his work before.  Unfortunately he has no website, so I cannot show you his work.  Too bad.

Another great crafter was a lady that grows gourds and then paints them into awesome angels, pumpkins,  and other cute and wonderful faces. 

I went into a childrens clothing creator because I was with my friend and her 2 girls and they had the cutest girl clothing  and bows.  So sweet.  Sometimes I actually wish I had a little girl to dress all fru fru.  Pretty sure that’s ok that I don’t.  HA! Anyway3 Freckled Frogs is the site. Darling stuff and great bags and bows. Check them out.

There were a few tshirts artists there as well as several iron work decor booths of note. The home based business that made an impact on me was a great nut and honey company that combines local grown nuts with homemade honey. She had some great combination boxes that will make great gifts to send home.

My friend had her interior decorating shop open Sensible Interiors and with all of the people lined up in front of it, I sure hope she got some sales. She has Awesome taste and a great eye for color and decoration. Stop by her location when you are in lovely downtown Atwater.

Well, I could have spent a small fortune but thankfully I resisted. Hopefully I will see many of these folks again as I am sending out invites to the next craft show that my club is putting on in Nov.