See Ya 2008!!

I wanted to stop in quickly today and wish you and yours a wonderful
New Year and a prosperous one as well!! I appreciate you so much!

I look forward to another great year of sales tips, new projects for
you to enjoy, new resourses, and most of all growth in both your
business and mine.

I know that it’s time to sit down and get those goals and dreams
updated and refreshed for 2009 and I am working on that. How about
you? I have a special note book that I use because I like to sit and
put paper to pen and just let my thoughts wander and enjoy. However
you set your goals, have fun and remember to update them through
the coming year.

Take care and we will see you in 2009!!!!

Business Plans are looming

With 2008 winding down quicker than we can comprehend, it is time to think about getting our goals and business plans set and updated for 2009.

I sit down with a notebook and gaze out to nowhere and be still and listen. Soon ideas and goals start to formulate. Jotting things down and then expanding and editing usually helps me onto the track of where I am going and where I should be going.

Have you set a date to sit and formulate your plans? Time’s a tickin. Before we know it, the holiday season madness is on us and the new year has begun. Take the time now and rough your plans out and come January, you will be ready to hit the streets running.

I think I am there….

You know what really sucks is that I jot down all these great ideas for posts, articles and weekly tips and such because I can’t remember this mornings breakfast anymore, but now I can’t remember where I put my list. So I guess the tip for today will be use the same notebook to write down your thoughts, goals and not scraps of paper somewhere on your desk. GRRRR

Does this mean I am suggesting organization in your office? NOOOooooo!! Am I getting senile? Old?…. *sigh*