Holiday Business Boosters

Halloween is gone and Christmas is filling the stores.

How is your Store looking?

What are you offering your customers so they will be buying from you?

There are a lot of great ideas that Direct Sellers can use to enhance
a customers shopping usages during the holidays. Here are a few easy
ones you can implement now to grow your sales, find new customers and
let your customers use your company easily.

1) Hold an open house for your local customers
2) Do a few local street fairs or craft shows
3) Offer gift baskets for quick shopping
4) Use gift wish lists and mail them to friends and family of the customer
5) Offer to wrap a gift purchase
6) Hold an Open House just for the men so they can do easy shopping for
their loved ones.
7) Mail a Thanksgiving card with a discount or free gift code to use before
the Christmas holidays
8 ) Fill a basket with some extra products you have and take it with you
when making deliveries for last minute gift ideas
9) Bundle items together and decorate them beautifully for special gift
ideas. Make shopping easy.
10) Have some inexpensive gift ideas for the kids to give to mom as you
already know what mom wants!
11) Create a flyer with special Christmas gift ideas and send it out
this week and do another one in a few weeks as well. People are
shopping now.

I hope this helps get your thoughts a buzzing! Let me know what special
ideas you have used to build your customers great holiday shopping
experience. Enjoy this special time in your direct sales business!