5 Ideas for Immediate Sales in Your Direct Sales Business

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I think we have all been there a time or two. A hiccup in your cash flow can cause big problems with not only the household situation but also your direct sales business. If you are finding yourself and your business in need of immediate cash flow, check out these 5 ideas to help generate immediate sales.

I think that having a direct sales business is the best type of business to have. You are in control of a business that can generate immediate cash no matter where you are or what you are doing. Give these ideas a try.

1) Book a Party – Find a friend to host it and get on the phone to hold it. Make it fun like pie and coffee at a local restaurant and you will get people there. Got cash and carry products? Bring it all!

2) Have a Clearance Sale – List out all of your products on hand and e-mail out flyers. Get on the phone and call customers to tell them about the sale. Make sure to offer a special deal that each customer will love.

3) Hold a Mystery Party – Host your own party and choose one lucky winner in attendance to be the mystery hostess. She/He will get all of the benefits of hosting the party such as discounts on hostess items, etc. It is fun and you can be really creative.

4) Hold an Open House – Let the folks come to you to shop. Sell your on hand goods and take orders for new products. These work great during holidays or for special events.

5) Hold an Online Party – Harness the power of the internet and hold an online party on Facebook. Create an event and leave it open for 3-7 days. Make sure to invite everyone and have lots of specials and fun deals for your customers.

Creating immediate cash flow is not hard when you think about it. Use one of these ideas to boost your income and maybe it will become a regular event for you.

How to Advertise Your Business Opportunity at a Home Party

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Having a business in the direct sales community means that you are in charge of everything you need to manage, run and market your business. Most people can run and do a decent job managing a business. That takes making calls, placing orders, doing paperwork, handling parties and so on. But when it comes to marketing and advertising the business opportunity, that is where many people come to a screeching halt. I have seen reps literally start spewing everything there is know know about the business when speaking to a potential customer or rep. There is no bigger turnoff than that. Learning how to blend your marketing message into your your parties is something that you can do with some practice.

At a home party, many reps concentrate on product sales and party bookings. By not adding something about joining the business during your party is a missed opportunity for growing your team. That is a loss of income on your part. Growing your team is an excellent way to add more excitement and money into your business. IS that not why you are in business to begin with?

Check out these Tips on How to Market and Advertise Your Business Opportunity at a Home Party

* Include a business opportunity message in your introduction at the party. During your party, let the guests get to know you by telling a story about who you are, why you joined your company and how the company is benefiting you financially. Make it personal and share how you are using the income.

* Throughout the party, drop subtle recruiting messages about every 20 minutes or so. You should be able to do this by mentioning some of the consultant business perks briefly throughout the party presentation. That can be things like sharing what comes in the party kit(s), talking about kit specials, etc.

* Tuck a business flyer or brochure into the party folder each guest receives or into their catalog along with the order form. Often the guest will take it home, read it in private and let the information sink in. They might not be interested right now, but they will have your information for future reference.

* After your presentation there is the ability to add one more drop of your recruiting message and that is with a one-on-one sales pitch when the guest is placing their order with you. Here is a great example of a message you can use –

Sally, I know I have given out a lot of information tonight about my company’s wonderful money-making business opportunity and I just wanted to see if you had any questions now about that information that I can answer for you tonight. If not, please feel free to contact me in the future should you need any additional information or have any questions. Also if your know of anyone that may be interested in my business, here is my business card.

Part of our job, besides selling products and booking parties during the home party setting, is to recruit new members to add to the team. Standing in front of guests that are genuinely interested in your products plus having their undivided attentions is the perfect time to drop several recruiting messages. It is well received by the party guests and hostess.

As you practice the art of how to advertise your business opportunity at all of your home parties, it will become quickly part of your party routine. You will see the payoff by having your recruiting numbers dramatically increase over time.

Seven Direct Sales Party Tips for a Successful Event

As a direct sales party consultant, you’ll spend a lot of your time at parties. As you know, that is where much of your income will be made and the more parties you hold, the more money you can make. However, your job is not only to sell products at parties, you’ll also find new hostesses for future parties and that is one of the best sources for adding new team members. Since there is a lot that goes into the success of a direct sales party, take a look at these seven tips to make your parties successful and profitable.
#1 Set goals for yourself
Goals are an important part of any business. When you create goals and a plan to achieve them, you have a direction. One goal is your overall business goal. What is your sales goal? How many parties and how much per party will you need to make to hit your goal? Now you know that, you can create a plan to make it happen.

#2 Set hostess/host goals
Your personal financial goals are different than your hostess goals. Your host or host may want to earn a specific prize. They may want to earn a commission or credit on products. Spend time with your hostess finding out what their goals are and help her to create a plan to achieve them. When your hostess is successful, you are too.

#3 Pre-sell the Products
When you send the invitations for the party, be sure to share with the hostess how to pre-sell the products for more sales and bonuses for her. It is easy to share the catalog and the website to invite sales. Also the party guests can come with an idea of what they want to purchase already in their mind.

#4 Games are Fun
A direct sales party is supposed to be fun. Attendees are expecting fun and a bit of socializing. They’re also expecting a pitch from you. Plan games and social activities to break the ice and help everyone have a good time. When the guests have fun, they are more likely to come to another party or host their own.

#5 Music and food
You don’t have to have either music or food and much of this may depend on your host’s preferences. However, food and music do tend to set the mood. It helps people relax and enhances the whole party atmosphere but make sure that it is controlled too.

#6 Allow Browsing
Make sure to set out some of the products so your party attendants can browse while they’re eating and socializing. Let them touch and learn about the products before you pitch. They may have already made a decision to buy. They may also have a few questions for you which may make the presentation more interactive.

#7 Your Pitch
People are expecting you to sell. Make sure you practice and are comfortable talking in front of people but keep it casual. Remember to focus your pitch on the benefits of each product but also keep it personal. Share your and ask for others to share their likes and experiences. Help your prospects relate to you and see the value your products offer.

Parties are the fun part of direct sales. They enable you to meet new people and you get the unique opportunity to talk to people about something you love. The best part is you get to help people while you’re earning a profit. It doesn’t get much better than that!