Tips to Choose the Right Team Leader for Your Direct Sales Business

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For many direct sales reps getting on the correct team is an important step, especially if you are new at direct selling. Starting your new business is thrilling but it can be scary too, so selecting a strong leader can be critical to your success in the long run. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you and your leader are good matches for your new direct sales business.

One of the first things to do is to do some research. Ask other people that you know for a referral to a representative and also do some internet searches for leadership representatives in your selected company. You may already know a few people if you have been researching your prospective company for a while. Select two or three representatives that you can talk to and set up an appointment with each of them and talk with them. Let them all know up front that you are speaking to other leadership reps as well. If they are a good leader, they will respect you in that decision.

Prepare for your interviews by having a list of questions that contain important topics for your success regarding training, the company, the pay structure, the time necessary for success, or anything else you need to know. Make sure to talk about family, dreams and goals as well. Your goal is to know at the end of the conversation a few things.

• Who is your leader – personality
• How does she manage her team
• How well does she know her products and company
• How much time does she have for you
• When and how are you trained
• What does she have to offer you
• Do you like her
• Does she like what she does and is she motivated to work with you

Take notes of your conversations. You know you can get the feel for someone almost immediately. If you have further questions, make sure to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Any good leader will be there for you.

Not every person needs a strong leader. You may already be a strong leader by your own merit. But it can be nice to be on a team that has direction, focus and inspiration to help guide you on those days when you need a little pick me up. By selecting a strong team, it can help you along the way in your successful direct sales career.

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