You Can be Shy and Still Network Your Business Successfully

Some people are scared of the networking process. Talk to them about speaking to strangers and they are panicking!

If you are naturally shy and the idea of going to a business function, shaking hands with strangers and making small talk makes you sweat and scared, it’s okay! Here is a news flash! You don’t have to go to an actual business event to network. There are opportunities to meet new people in everyday situations that you can utilize. Heck, you are probably already networking and don’t even realize it. But check out the following tips to help you network, even if you are shy.

Friends and Family
Many of you tends to hesitate to go to friends and family when you need help with your business. But these are the people that are rooting for you and probably would love to help you succeed. Ask your friends and family to spread the word about your business and the services you offer. Let them know you are not expecting them to buy anything from you; just put in a good word about your business to others. In return, treat them to something special from your inventory or a discount if you can.

You may talk to you neighbors casually from time to time or maybe your best friends. Talking to your neighbors about your business is an excellent outlet or networking and marketing. They may know someone who is looking for your services and in a small town or neighborhood, word of mouth is an excellent way to recommend others.

People You Know Because of Your Children
If you have children, This is the perfect networking opportunity. If you have an infant, you may want to consider joining an exercise group for new mothers. If your child is a bit older, you probably find yourself at the park several times a week. And if your child is in school, you are surrounded by other parents on a daily basis.

as you get to know other parents, take the time to get to know them and let them also know about your services. You can trade resources and offer to tell others you know about their business and they can do the same for you. The next time these parents need someone who offers the type of services you offer, they will think of you.

Volunteer Groups
Volunteering will make you feel good, and it can also help grow your business. You will be meeting lots of people that have a common interest and they will be interested in you and what you do for a living.

Sharing with others about your business does not have to be hard or scary. Networking is all about sharing common resources and cross promoting each other. If you care enough about others and their business, they will do the same for you. No Shyness involved!

Direct Sales Training

I had been wanting to expand more into my local community through groups and trainings. It has been in my heart to join an exisiting group to help fill in the holes and blanks and increase my knowledge and training in my direct sales career.

I looked and looked and could not find what I wanted. No one here was teaching what I wanted. Am I more knowledgeable that my local counterparts? Maybe in some aspects I am. I have been online for 8 years, coaching, learning, marketing and selling my goods and services. Perhaps my local community is slow to utalize the web and social media aspects of direct sales. No, I know it is.. I get lots of blank stares when I get passionate about my sites! LOL

So, I decided to start my own MeetUp community. I am very excited. No, people have not come running to join YET. But it is a work in progress and I know that it will allow me to find like minded people to share info with, from me and from others as well.

So if you are feeling the same way and are looking for more that what is offered, I am challenging you to do something similar….

Create your own Training, Info, Networking group. What is there to lose?

Curious about mine? You can check it out here. DirectSelling Success. Wish you could join me, but I know its kinda far! LOL

Let me know what You decide to do!